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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Seranata E2 5c * Lead 28/Sep/97 Stanage North
Circus of Heaven E1 5c * Solo 22/Aug/96 Beacon Hill
Derek, the Flightless Hedgehog HVS 5a Lead 11/Jun/95 Symonds Yat
Easter Rib E1 5b ** Lead 21/May/95 Stanage Popular
Fiddler on the Roof E1 5c * Solo 06/Apr/95 Goldsborough Carr
Stainthorpe's Wall E1 5b * Solo 31/Mar/95 Slipstones
Stewker E1 5c * Solo 21/Mar/95 Scugdale - Scot Crags
gollinglith E2 5c * Solo O/S 13/Oct/94 Slipstones
North Route E1 5a ** Solo 11/Oct/94 Wainstones
Gundabad E1 5b * Lead 08/Aug/94 Goblin Combe
Smaug The Dragon E1 5c ** Lead 29/Jun/94 Goblin Combe
The Baldest HVS 5a * Lead 22/Jun/94 Portishead Quarry
The Heart Of The Sunrise E1 5c * Solo 27/Jun/93 Beacon Hill
Wombat E2 5b *** Lead 25/May/92 Roaches Upper Tier
Kelly's Direct E1 5b ** Lead 25/May/92 Roaches Upper Tier
Pickering's Overhang E1 5b * Lead 10/May/92 Dovedale
Count's Buttress E2 5c *** Lead 03/May/92 Stanage Plantation
Relayer E1 5c Solo 24/Mar/91 Beacon Hill
Chicken E1 5a ** Lead 12/Aug/90 Hen Cloud
Something Better Change E2 5b * Solo 09/Aug/90 Roaches Lower Tier
Chalkstorm E4 5c ** Solo 09/Aug/90 Roaches Lower Tier
Embankment 4 E1 5b *** Lead 29/Jul/90 Millstone Edge
Argus E1 5b * Solo 25/Jul/90 Stanage Plantation
Dork Child E1 5c * Lead 19/Jul/90 Burbage South Edge
Fringe Benefit E1 5b ** Lead 08/Jul/90 Rivelin Edge