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Logbook for Ronnie Concave

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Flimston CrackVD **Lead O/SM.Borglewood??/Sep/12Flimston Bay
PupillaVS 4c *Lead O/SM.Borglewood??/Aug/12Wildcat Crags (aka Wild Cat)
Black Moss CrackHS *AltLd O/SM.Borglewood??/Aug/12Little How Crag
'C' RouteS ***Lead O/SM.Borglewood??/Aug/12Gimmer Crag
Thunder SlabHS *Lead O/SM.Borglewood??/Jul/12Little How Crag
AgitationVS 4c *Lead O/SM.Borglewood??/Apr/11Wallowbarrow Crag
Diedre SudHS 4a ***Lead O/SM.Borglewood??/Oct/10Mowing Word
LoboVS 4b *LeadM.Borglewood??/Aug/10Wildcat Crags (aka Wild Cat)
The CardinalVS 4c *Lead O/SM.Borglewood??/Jul/10Aldery Cliff
MendesVS 4c **Lead O/SM.Borglewood25/Jun/10Raven Crag (Langdale)
Broken Toe GrooveVS 4c *LeadParty Troll??/Jun/10Wildcat Crags (aka Wild Cat)
Western WallVS 4b **LeadM.Borglewood??/Apr/10Wallowbarrow Crag
BryanstonVS 4b *LeadM.Borglewood??/Apr/10Wallowbarrow Crag
Slip KnotVS 4b **Lead O/SM.Borglewood10/Jul/09White Ghyll
Evening WallS 4a *Lead O/SM.Borglewood09/Jul/09Raven Crag (Langdale)
RevelationHS ***Lead O/SM.Borglewood09/Jul/09Raven Crag (Langdale)
Jackdaw GroovesVS 4b **Lead O/SM.Borglewood??/Jul/09Wildcat Crags (aka Wild Cat)
ManxVS 4b *Lead O/SM.Borglewood??/Jul/09Wildcat Crags (aka Wild Cat)
DigitationVS 4b **LeadM.Borglewood??/May/09Wallowbarrow Crag
Mitre CrackVS 4c *LeadM.Borglewood??/May/09Aldery Cliff
Cat WalkHS 4a *LeadM.Borglewood??/May/09Wildcat Crags (aka Wild Cat)
LynxHS 4b **LeadM.Borglewood05/Apr/09Wildcat Crags (aka Wild Cat)
'A' RouteMS ***LeadM.Borglewood??/Sep/08Gimmer Crag
ClotheslineS 4a Lead O/SM.Borglewood??/Aug/08Aldery Cliff
NettlerashHS 4a *Lead O/SM.Borglewood??/Aug/08Aldery Cliff
Central AreteHVD Lead O/SM.Borglewood??/Aug/08Aldery Cliff
Thin AirVS 4b *LeadM.Borglewood??/Jul/08Harborough Rocks
Little CrackHS 4c LeadM.Borglewood??/Jul/08Harborough Rocks
DesperationS 4a LeadM.Borglewood??/Jul/08Harborough Rocks
Trident GrooveVD *LeadM.Borglewood??/Jul/08Harborough Rocks
The AreteS 4a *LeadM.Borglewood??/Jul/08Harborough Rocks
The Slabs Route 1S 4a **LeadM.Borglewood??/Jul/08White Ghyll
ThomasS 4a **LeadM.Borglewood10/May/08Wallowbarrow Crag
Route 2VD **Lead O/SM.Borglewood??/Apr/08Scout Crags
Sub-Cneifion RibVD **LeadM.Borglewood???/2008Sub Cneifion Rib
The Original RouteS 4a ***LeadM.Borglewood??/Oct/07Raven Crag (Langdale)
Trident EliminateHS 4b *LeadM.Borglewood??/Aug/07Harborough Rocks
Chimney ClimbS **LeadM.Borglewood??/Aug/07Clogwyn Bochlwyd
Pedestal CrackS 4a *LeadM.Borglewood??/Jun/07Harborough Rocks
Trident GrooveVD *LeadM.Borglewood??/Jun/07Harborough Rocks
PhysiologyVD *LeadParty Troll??/Jun/07Stanage Popular
NamelessS 3c **LeadM.Borglewood??/Jun/07Wallowbarrow Crag
Old HolbornM **LeadM.Borglewood??/May/07Long Scar
Intruder's CornerVD **LeadM.Borglewood??/May/07Long Scar
Platt Gang GrooveVD **LeadM.Borglewood??/May/07Long Scar
Katie's DilemmaMVS 4b LeadM.Borglewood??/May/07Long Scar
Trinity SlabsVD **LeadM.Borglewood??/May/07Wallowbarrow Crag
Introductory RibD LeadM.Borglewood??/May/07Wallowbarrow Crag
Victory GullyS 4a LeadM.Borglewood??/May/07Birchen Edge
Emma's TemptationHVD 4c *LeadM.Borglewood??/May/07Birchen Edge
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