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Logbook for Grant Pinnell

33 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Central GullyI 2ndAshley Dean27/Dec/07Lochnagar
Straight-no-ChaserS *2ndAshley Dean08/Jun/07Graymare Slabs
OleoHS *Lead O/SAshley Dean08/Jun/07Graymare Slabs
Left Hand CrackVS 4c 2ndAshley Dean30/Apr/07Pass of Ballater
Fungus FaceE1 5b TRAshley Dean30/Apr/07Pass of Ballater
Jam CrackS *LeadAshley Dean30/Apr/07Pass of Ballater
Original RouteVS 5a **LeadAshley Dean30/Apr/07Pass of Ballater
Jackdaw GrooveHVS 4c 2ndAshley Dean30/Apr/07Pass of Ballater
Saddle UpS 2ndAshley Dean26/Apr/07Alan's Cliff
Crumbling CrannyII **Lead O/SAshley Dean06/Mar/07Lochnagar
The Black SpoutI 2ndAshley Dean06/Mar/07Lochnagar
WavesHS Lead O/SAshley Dean17/Aug/06Deceptive Wall
Untroubled BlueS *Lead O/SAshley Dean17/Aug/06Deceptive Wall
DiversionS Lead O/SAshley Dean17/Aug/06Deceptive Wall
CruiseVS 4b *2ndAshley Dean17/Aug/06Deceptive Wall
Cod EyesVS 4b 2ndAshley Dean17/Aug/06Deceptive Wall
Fretted SocketS *2ndAshley Dean17/Aug/06Deceptive Wall
ShagVS 4b 2ndAshley Dean07/Jul/06Deceptive Wall
Yawn PillarHS 4a 2ndAshley Dean07/Jul/06Deceptive Wall
Big DaddyS *2ndAshley Dean07/Jul/06Deceptive Wall
Curving ChimneyM 2ndAshley Dean07/Jul/06Meikle Partans
DungoHS LeadAshley Dean07/Jul/06Meikle Partans
Slanting CrackM LeadAshley Dean07/Jul/06Meikle Partans
ConstellationS **2ndAshley Dean07/Jul/06Meikle Partans
The RiffVD LeadAshley Dean07/Jul/06Meikle Partans
East PillarVD 2ndAshley Dean06/Jul/06North Doonies Yawn
Feathering EdgeS 2ndAshley Dean06/Jul/06North Doonies Yawn
Slab WallS 2ndAshley Dean06/Jul/06North Doonies Yawn
Razor's CrackVS 4c *LeadAshley Dean28/Jan/06Pass of Ballater
Jumbled Blocks CrackVD LeadAshley Dean28/Jan/06Pass of Ballater
Ping PongS LeadAshley Dean28/Jan/06Pass of Ballater
Lime ChimneyVD LeadAshley Dean28/Jan/06Pass of Ballater
StinkerE1 5b **TRAshley Dean28/Jan/06Pass of Ballater