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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Chequers CrackHVS 5c ***2nd O/S14/Oct/12Froggatt Edge
Brown's Eliminate DirectE3 5c **Lead O/S14/Oct/12Froggatt Edge
Diamond CrackHS 4b **Lead O/S14/Oct/12Froggatt Edge
ValkyrieHVS 5a ***2nd O/S14/Oct/12Froggatt Edge
Two-sided TriangleHVS 5b *Lead O/S14/Oct/12Froggatt Edge
MotorcadeE1 5a *2nd O/S14/Oct/12Froggatt Edge
Vin Rouge (Tire-Bouchon)f7A+ **Sent x27/Sep/12Franchard Isatis
Mortel Transfertf7B **Sent x27/Sep/12Franchard Sablons
Sylphidef7A *Sent x27/Sep/12Franchard Sablons
Red 26 - Uhuruf6A Sent x26/Sep/12La Canche aux Merciers
Red 29b - Kaki dehorsf6C Sent x26/Sep/12La Canche aux Merciers
Red 29 - Les doigts d'hommef6B Sent x25/Sep/12La Canche aux Merciers
Laserf6C+ *Sent x25/Sep/12Cuvier Rempart
Cortomaltèse (pre Sept 2006 chipping)f7A ***Sent x25/Sep/12Bas Cuvier
Amanite Dalloide (Red 20ter)f6C+ Sent x23/Sep/12La Roche aux Sabots
Action Directe assisf7A **Sent x23/Sep/12Roche aux Oiseaux
Dallainf6A ***Sent x22/Sep/12Gorge aux chats
Sa Pelle au Logisf7A **Sent x22/Sep/12Gorge aux chats
OberonS 4b *Lead O/S27/May/12Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
VectorE2 5c ***Lead O/S27/May/12Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
DirtigoVS 4c *Lead O/S26/May/12Gogarth North Stack and Main...
EmulatorE1 5b ***Lead O/S26/May/12Gogarth North Stack and Main...
Surplomb de la Coquille (Conquérance)f6C ***-???/2012Franchard Isatis
L'Obliquef7A **Sent x???/2012La Roche aux Sabots
Be CleverE1 5c **Lead O/S02/Jul/11Carreg-y-Barcud
First Corner DirectVS 4c Lead O/S02/Jul/11Carreg-y-Barcud
ThriftE6 6b **TR O/S01/Jul/11Carreg-y-Barcud
MetamorphosisHS 4b **Lead O/S01/Jul/11Carreg-y-Barcud
Yellow EdgeHS 4b *Lead O/S30/Jun/11Carreg-y-Barcud
Uncertain SmileE2 5b *Lead O/S30/Jun/11Craig Caerfai
OrogenyE2 5b *Lead O/S30/Jun/11Craig Caerfai
Unknown SentryHVS 5a Lead O/S30/Jun/11Craig Caerfai
ArmoricanVS 4c **Lead O/S30/Jun/11Craig Caerfai
East RidgeVD 3c **Lead β28/Jun/11Great Tor
Chimney CrackVD *Lead β28/Jun/11Sheepbone Wall
Tribulations7a Lead β28/Jun/11Trial Wall Area
Laughing Spam FritterVS 4b Lead O/S28/Jun/11Trial Wall Area
Pinnacle CrackVD Lead O/S27/Jun/11Boiler Slab
Tokyo IIHVS 5b Lead O/S27/Jun/11Boiler Slab
TokyoE1 5c Lead O/S27/Jun/11Boiler Slab
TerminationHVS 5a Lead O/S27/Jun/11Boiler Slab
SwirtlerHVS 5b Lead O/S27/Jun/11Boiler Slab
DulferS 4a *Lead O/S27/Jun/11Boiler Slab
ClassicVD *Lead O/S27/Jun/11Boiler Slab
Arch SlabVS 4c **Lead O/S26/Jun/11Three Cliffs Bay
The Day The Sky Fell In6b+ *Lead rpt26/Jun/11Foxhole
SolsticeHVS 5a *Lead O/S29/May/11Bus Stop Quarry
Whizz Bang6c *Lead RP29/May/11Bus Stop Quarry
mud slide slim/Ferrero RocheHS 4a Lead O/S29/May/11Bus Stop Quarry
Septuagenarian6a *Lead O/S29/May/11Bus Stop Quarry