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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Freedom is Insane7a *Lead dog29/Aug/15Water-cum-Jolly
C'est Plastique6c *Lead dog29/Aug/15Water-cum-Jolly
Subterfuge6b+ *Lead rpt27/Aug/15Chee Dale Upper
Case Adjourned7a **Lead dog27/Aug/15Chee Dale Upper
Big Hare6c+ *Lead25/Aug/15Goddard's Quarry
Pebbles Away6b Lead rpt25/Aug/15Goddard's Quarry
Debrilliant7a *Lead rpt25/Aug/15Goddard's Quarry
Careless Talc6b+ Lead rpt25/Aug/15Goddard's Quarry
Crozzles Away6b Lead rpt25/Aug/15Goddard's Quarry
Arch Rival7a *TR dnf18/Aug/15Dovedale
BrutusE1 5b *2nd rpt18/Aug/15Dovedale
GeorgeE1 5b ***Lead rpt18/Aug/15Dovedale
Yew Tree WallE1 5c **Lead rpt18/Aug/15Dovedale
The SmileE1 5a **Lead O/S08/Aug/15Lower Sharpnose Point
LunakhodHVS 5a ***Lead O/S08/Aug/15Lower Sharpnose Point
Crozzles Away6b Lead rpt03/Aug/15Goddard's Quarry
Pebbles Away6b Lead rpt03/Aug/15Goddard's Quarry
Debrilliant7a *Lead rpt03/Aug/15Goddard's Quarry
Careless Talc6b+ Lead O/S03/Aug/15Goddard's Quarry
La Brute7a *Lead31/Jul/15Water-cum-Jolly
C'est Plastique6c *Lead dog31/Jul/15Water-cum-Jolly
Dis-orientated6b+ Lead dog31/Jul/15Water-cum-Jolly
Deja Vu6c TR dog25/Jul/15Water-cum-Jolly
La Brute7a *Lead dog25/Jul/15Water-cum-Jolly
Who Sat On My Satsuma?6a *Lead rpt18/Jul/15Masson Lees Quarry
Exo67a **Lead dog18/Jul/15Masson Lees Quarry
Hilti Sound System7a **Lead dog18/Jul/15Masson Lees Quarry
Forefinger Exercise7a *TR dog18/Jul/15Masson Lees Quarry
Red And Ribbed For Your Pleasure6c Lead RP11/Jul/15Masson Lees Quarry
Who Sat On My Satsuma?6a *Lead rpt11/Jul/15Masson Lees Quarry
Fun In The Sun6a+ *Lead rpt11/Jul/15Masson Lees Quarry
Hilti Sound System7a **Lead dog11/Jul/15Masson Lees Quarry
Have A Cow6a+ Lead O/S11/Jul/15Masson Lees Quarry
Lies and Deception7a *Lead RP04/Jul/15Smalldale Quarry
Open Season6b *Lead O/S04/Jul/15Smalldale Quarry
Upminster Kid6b *Lead O/S04/Jul/15Smalldale Quarry
Can Can Girls Can't6c+ *Lead dog30/Jun/15Smalldale Quarry
Riding the Bullet6c **Lead O/S30/Jun/15Smalldale Quarry
Lies and Deception7a *TR rpt30/Jun/15Smalldale Quarry
Eye, Eye6b+ **Lead rpt29/Jun/15Masson Lees Quarry
Exo67a **Lead dog29/Jun/15Masson Lees Quarry
Going Straight6c **Lead rpt25/Jun/15Smalldale Quarry
Lies and Deception7a *Lead dog25/Jun/15Smalldale Quarry
Darl - Pitch 17a ***TR dog24/Jun/15Chee Dale Upper
Subterfuge6b+ *Lead rpt24/Jun/15Chee Dale Upper
Quality Control7a **Lead RP24/Jun/15Chee Dale Upper
Max Head Room7a **TR18/Jun/15Chee Dale Upper
Max Pax 'em In7a **Lead RP18/Jun/15Chee Dale Upper
Max Pact6b *Lead rpt18/Jun/15Chee Dale Upper
Max Pax 'em In7a **Lead dog12/Jun/15Chee Dale Upper