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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Bye Bye Doc6c ***Lead O/S23/May/15Afternoon
Swiss Baby6a+ **Lead O/S23/May/15Afternoon
Alexis Zorbas7a+ **Lead β22/May/15Spartacus
Les Amazones6c ***Lead O/S22/May/15Spartacus
Priapos P17c **Lead RP21/May/15Grande Grotta
Rastapopoulos7b+ ***Lead O/S21/May/15Panorama
Rastapopoulos P16c+ ***Lead O/S21/May/15Panorama
Carpe diem6a+ ***Lead O/S21/May/15Panorama
Super Carpe Diem7b+ ***Lead β21/May/15Panorama
Mind Boggle7b **Lead O/S21/May/15Panorama
Leonides7b ***Lead RP19/May/15The Spartan Walls
Lucifer's Hammer6c ***Lead O/S19/May/15The Spartan Walls
Probleme Mineur6b ***Lead O/S19/May/15The Spartan Walls
Kerveros7a ***Lead β18/May/15Spartacus
Spartacus7b+ ***Lead β18/May/15Spartacus
Gladiator7b ***Lead β18/May/15Spartacus
Harakiri6b+ ***Lead β18/May/15Spartacus
Aphrodite7a **Lead β17/May/15Grande Grotta
DNA7a ***Lead O/S17/May/15Grande Grotta
ivi7b ***Lead RP17/May/15Grande Grotta
Roof-RoofE4 6a **Lead β02/May/15Berrymuir Head
ExecraterE4 5c **Lead O/S02/May/15Berrymuir Head
Upside DowniesE5 6b **Lead O/S02/May/15Berrymuir Head
Downies SyndromeE4 6a **Lead O/S02/May/15Berrymuir Head
Spice!7b Lead23/Apr/15Rob's Reed
The Golden Fleece7a+ **Lead β23/Apr/15Rob's Reed
No Remorse6c+ ***Lead21/Apr/15Legaston Quarry
Hell's Bells6c *Lead21/Apr/15Legaston Quarry
Trial by Dimension7a Lead21/Apr/15Legaston Quarry
Driller Killer6c *Lead21/Apr/15Legaston Quarry
Spandex Ballet7a+ ***Lead21/Apr/15Legaston Quarry
Underbelly7b ***Lead RP19/Apr/15Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
DesederioE4 6a **Lead G/U19/Apr/15Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
El-DE2 5b **Lead O/S19/Apr/15Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
Toolbags6b+ Lead O/S19/Apr/15Harbour Wall, Newtonhill
Confession of Faith6c **Lead O/S18/Apr/15Weem Crags
Scooby Snacks6a Lead O/S18/Apr/15Weem Crags
The Llama Parlour6c Lead18/Apr/15Weem Crags
Lighten Up6a *Lead O/S18/Apr/15Weem Crags
Sinners Paradise7a *Lead12/Apr/15Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Six Fours-les Plage6b Lead12/Apr/15Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Fear of the Dark6b Lead12/Apr/15Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Father Figure6b+ Lead12/Apr/15Dunkeld, Cave Crag
Aberdeen AssassinE6 6c **Lead β11/Apr/15Floors Craig
Sprunt's RouteE2 5c *Lead O/S11/Apr/15Floors Craig
Manassa MaulerE4 6a ***Lead11/Apr/15Floors Craig
The Reinforcer7c **Lead RP09/Apr/15Rob's Reed
Putting Shame in your Game7c Lead RP07/Apr/15Balmashanner Quarry
Private PartsE6 6b **Lead RP14/Mar/15Pass of Ballater
General AnaestheticE5 6c **Lead G/U14/Mar/15Pass of Ballater