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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
High Buttress AreteD **Lead17/Mar/11Windgather Rocks
The CornerD Lead04/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
Corner CrackVD *Lead04/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
High Buttress AreteD **Lead04/Sep/10Windgather Rocks
Omega CrackVD Lead28/Aug/10Burbage North
Heather WallHVD 3a ***Lead09/Aug/10Froggatt Edge
Right Studio ClimbVD Lead07/Aug/10Burbage North
EnderD Lead24/Apr/10Burbage North
Back End SlabD 2nd24/Apr/10Burbage North
End SlabM Lead24/Apr/10Burbage North
SteptoeM Lead24/Apr/10Burbage North
The StaircaseM *Lead22/Aug/09Windgather Rocks
Buttress Two GullyM Lead22/Aug/09Windgather Rocks
Chockstone ChimneyD *Lead22/Aug/09Windgather Rocks
Tea on a Rainy DayVD 4a *Lead11/Aug/09Symonds Yat
Red RackVD TR11/Aug/09Symonds Yat
Gully WallD Lead13/Jun/09Baslow Edge
Route 1.5S 4b TR13/Jun/09Baslow Edge
Route 1VD TR13/Jun/09Baslow Edge
Left Recess CrackS 3c Lead31/May/09Burbage North
Visitors OnlyHS 4a *TR30/May/09Birchen Edge
Visitors OnlyHS 4a *Lead dnf30/May/09Birchen Edge
Handy CrackD Lead30/May/09Birchen Edge
Scoop and CornerM Lead24/Apr/09Stanage Plantation
DelightfulM *Lead24/Apr/09Stanage Plantation
DeliciousHVD 4b Lead24/Apr/09Stanage Plantation
DeliciousHVD 4b Lead dnf12/Apr/09Stanage Plantation
TumbledownVS 4c Lead12/Apr/09Stanage Plantation
Abu SimbelM *Lead05/Apr/09Burbage South Edge
No Name CrackS 4a TR05/Apr/09Burbage South Edge
Stepped CrackM TR03/Apr/09Burbage North
Black Slab VariationD TR03/Apr/09Burbage North
PulcherrimeVS 4b *TR03/Apr/09Burbage North
The GroganHVS 5c *TR dnf03/Apr/09Burbage North
Ash Tree CrackVD *TR10/Oct/08Burbage North
Overhanging Buttress DirectS 4a **TR27/Sep/08Burbage North
Spider CrackVS 5b *TR dnf26/Sep/08Burbage North
The End AllHS 4b TR26/Sep/08Burbage North
The Be AllS 4a TR26/Sep/08Burbage North
April FoolVD TR26/Sep/08Burbage North
Ant's CrackS 4a *TR26/Aug/08Yarncliffe Quarry
Triangle Buttress AreteVD *TR26/Aug/08Burbage North
BaselessHVD *TR26/Aug/08Burbage North
Cranberry WallVD TR26/Aug/08Burbage North
Cranberry CrackVD TR26/Aug/08Burbage North
Ant's AreteHS 4a *TR26/Aug/08Yarncliffe Quarry
Angular ClimbHVD TR26/Aug/08Yarncliffe Quarry
Ant's WallHS 4a *TR26/Aug/08Yarncliffe Quarry
Freya's ClimbVD Lead16/Aug/08Higgar Tor
Angular ClimbHVD Lead16/Aug/08Yarncliffe Quarry