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Logbook for Dave Warburton

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NameStyleDate Crag name
ProjectSent x26/Jan/15Clemitt's Crag
Plum TomatoSent x13/Jan/15Clemitt's Crag
Plum Tomato DirectSent x12/Jan/15Clemitt's Crag
The Duck-billed PlatypusSent O/S08/Jan/15Duck Boulders
The Ducklings - Problem 3Sent x08/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Green GorillasSent x08/Jan/15Duck Boulders
RecollectionSent x08/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Arete Block - Problem 5 (Duck 'n' Dive)Sent x08/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Eyes Wide ShutSent x08/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Champagne Charlie LHSent x08/Jan/15Duck Boulders
Lose the Love HandlesSent O/S08/Jan/15Duck Boulders
FalconSent x04/Jan/15Norwood
Night RaidersSent x04/Jan/15Norwood
Chasing RainbowsSent x25/Dec/14Round Crag
Hard of HerringLead O/S21/Dec/14Smugglers Terrace
KwakLead β20/Dec/14Glaisdale Rigg
Groove FinishLead β20/Dec/14Glaisdale Rigg
Reform ClubSent x16/Dec/14Camp Hill
Away From The SmogSent x16/Dec/14Camp Hill
Space InvasionSent x15/Dec/14Clemitt's Crag
The ForceSent rpt15/Dec/14Clemitt's Crag
In the BagSent rpt15/Dec/14Clemitt's Crag
Guilty Pleasure SSSent x13/Dec/14Oak Crag
North Buttress AreteSent x13/Dec/14Oak Crag
Guilty Pleasure (Low Start)Sent x12/Dec/14Oak Crag
GypusSent O/S08/Dec/14Almscliff
Teaspoon Variation LeftSent x08/Dec/14Almscliff
Crucifix Arete EliminateSent x08/Dec/14Almscliff
Under the Crucifix Problem 2Sent x08/Dec/14Almscliff
Under the Crucifix Problem 3Sent x08/Dec/14Almscliff
BumderSent O/S03/Dec/14The Inbetweeners
Tramp ShoesSent x03/Dec/14The Inbetweeners
Bus Stop WankersSent x03/Dec/14The Inbetweeners
Rogue TraderSent x03/Dec/14The Inbetweeners
Nothing But SomethingSent x03/Dec/14The Inbetweeners
Empty PocketsSent x03/Dec/14The Inbetweeners
Doggy GuantanamoLead β28/Nov/14Sella
Pure de pascuerosLead RP27/Nov/14Bellus
AnitesiaLead O/S27/Nov/14Bellus
MangurrianLead dog27/Nov/14Bellus
Poison IvyLead O/S26/Nov/14Castellet de Calp
SueroLead O/S26/Nov/14Castellet de Calp
QuicksilverLead O/S26/Nov/14Castellet de Calp
Stalking the AngelLead RP26/Nov/14Castellet de Calp
The JugglerLead O/S25/Nov/14Castellet de Calp
SleepyheadLead RP25/Nov/14Castellet de Calp
The Long ConLead25/Nov/14Castellet de Calp
Manhatten BluesLead RP24/Nov/14Sella
Quita la músicaLead dog24/Nov/14Sella
TanitLead O/S24/Nov/14Sella