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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The Dukef6A *Sent O/SJames30/Sep/14Little Almscliff
The Princef6A+ Sent O/SJames30/Sep/14Little Almscliff
Jutish Overmantelf6A SentJames30/Sep/14Little Almscliff
LamplightHVS 5a **LeadChuck Norris27/Sep/14High Tor
HighlightHVS 5a ***2ndChuck Norris27/Sep/14High Tor
SkylightVS 4c ***AltLdChuck Norris27/Sep/14High Tor
Jackdaw GroovesVS 4b **AltLdAlpha Red13/Sep/14Wildcat Crags (aka Wild Cat)
SphynxVS 5a **AltLdAlpha Red13/Sep/14Wildcat Crags (aka Wild Cat)
ClimactericVS 5a *2ndAlpha Red13/Sep/14Wildcat Crags (aka Wild Cat)
CataclysmHVS 5a ***AltLdAlpha Red13/Sep/14Wildcat Crags (aka Wild Cat)
Nose SpanV2 *SentJames08/Sep/14Roundhill
Tribal Wars SDV4 **SentJames08/Sep/14Roundhill
SenatorV1 SentJames08/Sep/14Roundhill
GladiatorV1 ***SentJames08/Sep/14Roundhill
AhenobarbusV3 **SentJames08/Sep/14Roundhill
Kraken6c Lead O/SAlpha Red06/Sep/14Brean Down
Bikini Atoll6c+ Lead O/SAlpha Red06/Sep/14Brean Down
Coral Sea6c Lead βAlpha Red06/Sep/14Brean Down
Chepito7a **Lead βAlpha Red06/Sep/14Brean Down
Pearl Harbour7a *Lead O/SAlpha Red06/Sep/14Brean Down
Route BHS 4b SoloJames01/Sep/14High Crag (Stump Cross)
Route CVS 5a SoloJames01/Sep/14High Crag (Stump Cross)
Route DMVS 4b SoloJames01/Sep/14High Crag (Stump Cross)
Camel and Fish SlabHVS 5b SoloJames01/Sep/14High Crag (Stump Cross)
The Breath of a CamelVS 4c SoloJames01/Sep/14High Crag (Stump Cross)
Pet Cemetery7a ***LeadAlpha Red30/Aug/14Ban-y-gor
The Prowf7A ***SentJames19/Aug/14Wainstones
Darl - Pitch 17a ***Leadally smith09/Aug/14Chee Dale Upper
Under the Boardwalk6c ***LeadBroome26/Jul/14Lower Pen Trwyn
Down by the Sea7a+ *Lead βBroome26/Jul/14Lower Pen Trwyn
Comedy7c ***Lead dogJames21/Jul/14Kilnsey
Nerve Ending7b Lead rptJames21/Jul/14Kilnsey
HyperdriveE3 6a **2ndCurly18/Jul/14Dinbren Crags
Dyperspace7c **Lead RPCurly18/Jul/14Dinbren Crags
The Royal ArchE3 6a **2ndCurly05/Jul/14Dinbren Crags
A World in HarmonyE2 5b ***2ndCurly05/Jul/14Dinbren Crags
AlisonE1 5b **2ndCurly05/Jul/14Dinbren Crags
Baby Crusher7b *Lead RPally smith01/Jul/14Dinbren Crags
Trailer Trash6b **Lead βally smith01/Jul/14Dinbren Crags
Driller Thriller6b+ Lead βally smith01/Jul/14Dinbren Crags
Hoodoo Guru7b **Lead RPJames23/Jun/14Trollers Gill
Duhkha6c *Lead O/SAlpha Red21/Jun/14Ban-y-gor
Habit of a Lifetime6c *Lead O/SAlpha Red21/Jun/14Ban-y-gor
Up a Gum Tree7a *Lead RPAlpha Red21/Jun/14Ban-y-gor
Violation of Trust6b+ *Lead βAlpha Red21/Jun/14Ban-y-gor
The Jack Flap (The Cinder Toffee Start)6c+ LeadJames17/Jun/14Trollers Gill
One Step Ahead of the Blues6c+ *Lead O/SAlpha Red14/Jun/14Ban-y-gor
The Good Friday Agreement6c *Lead O/SAlpha Red14/Jun/14Ban-y-gor
Avidya6b+ *Lead RPAlpha Red14/Jun/14Ban-y-gor
Josie Swoonpence6b Lead βAlpha Red14/Jun/14Ban-y-gor
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