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NameStyleDate Crag name
Absinth Makes the Heart Glow LongerSent26/Oct/12Carrock Fell crag
Absinth Makes the Heart Glow LongerSent26/Oct/12Carrock Fell crag
Reclaimed-28/Sep/12Rothley Crag
Sitting AreteSent28/Sep/12Rothley Crag
CyclopsSent18/Sep/12Swarthbeck Gill/ Ravens Crag...
Magic Eye-15/Jul/12Carrock Fell crag
Howff Roof-15/Jul/12Carrock Fell crag
Bust My Chops LH-06/Jul/12Dumbarton Rock
The Vex FactorSent03/Jun/12Carrock Fell crag
KhukuriSent28/May/12Gouther Crags
Bega Thy NeighbourSent25/May/12Fleswick Bay
Red BaronSent21/May/12Shipley Glen
Outlander-13/Apr/12St. Bees Head
Clash of the Titans-13/Apr/12St. Bees Head
Tender Hooks-13/Apr/12St. Bees Head
Rob's Wall (ss)Sent05/Apr/12Eskdale Fisherground
Da FunkSent26/Mar/12Carrock Fell crag
GargantoitSent08/Mar/12Gorge du Houx
ArabesqueSent08/Mar/12Le Cul de Chien
L'Angle Ben'sSent07/Mar/12Franchard Isatis
El PoussahSent07/Mar/12Franchard Isatis
Killer BeeSent30/Jan/12St. Bees Head
HoneycombSent30/Jan/12St. Bees Head
Black HoleSent30/Jan/12St. Bees Head
Black Hole SSSent30/Jan/12St. Bees Head
Pine Tree AreteSent28/Nov/11Caley Crags
The ProwSent28/Nov/11Caley Crags
Horn RibSent28/Nov/11Caley Crags
Middle EarthSent15/Nov/11Kentmere Boulders
Bass Line VenomSent15/Nov/11Kentmere Boulders
Runs on WeaselSent15/Nov/11Kentmere Boulders
The HoleSent15/Nov/11Kentmere Boulders
Negative Reality InversionSent15/Nov/11Kentmere Boulders
The Beauty of Being CrucifiedSent14/Nov/11Woodwell
Beauty of Being NumbSent14/Nov/11Woodwell
Angel DeeliteSent14/Nov/11Woodwell
Toblerone TussleSent07/Nov/11Carrock Fell crag
Mexican RumbleSent07/Nov/11Carrock Fell crag
Barry King SizeSent28/Oct/11Crookrise
Silver Trout (With Block)Sent14/Oct/11Almscliff
The KeelSent14/Oct/11Almscliff
Cave DwellerSent19/Sep/11Shaftoe Crags
Problem 38Sent19/Sep/11Shaftoe Crags
ProposalSent19/Sep/11Shaftoe Crags
SlapperSent14/Sep/11Shaftoe Crags
Classic AreteSent14/Sep/11Shaftoe Crags
Incipient Crack (sit start)Sent14/Sep/11Shaftoe Crags
Crease ClassicSent14/Sep/11Shaftoe Crags
Broken Hearts Are For AssholesSent14/Sep/11Shaftoe Crags