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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Seventy Foot WallHVS 5b *2ndRaymond Wallace26/Aug/12Duntelchaig
Razor FlakeHVS 5a **2ndRaymond Wallace26/Aug/12Duntelchaig
Sun's Upf6A+ 6a/b *Sent ??/Oct/06Fontforth
Sunday SundaeVB 5b Sent ??/Oct/06Fontforth
WynoVB 5b Sent ??/Oct/06Fontforth
10-bob SwallyVB 5a Sent ??/Oct/06Fontforth
Northern Lightf6A 5c *Sent ??/May/06Forss.
Forss Fedf6A 5c Sent ??/May/06Forss.
Girlpowerf5+ 5c *Sent ??/May/06Fontforth
Girlpower SSf6A 6a **Sent ??/May/06Fontforth
A Donkeys Tailf3 4b Sent ??/Apr/06Fontforth
Airth To Mars (2-Handed)f6A **Sent ???/2006Fontforth
Airth To Marsf5+ 5b *Sent ???/2006Fontforth
Stuck in A Gerard Kelly Loopf6B 5c **Sent ???/2006Fontforth
Mother Airthf6A *Sent ???/2006Fontforth
Fingerfocks ssVB 5c Sent ???/2006Fontforth
Sunset BoulevardVB 5c Sent 02/Jul/05Fontforth
Mule Trainf6A 5b *Sent ??/Jul/05Fontforth
Hello SunshineVB 6a *Sent ??/Jul/05Fontforth
Crumb By CrumbVB 5a Sent ??/Jul/05Fontforth
Bug DayVB 5b *Sent ??/Jul/05Fontforth
Forss 10f6A 6a *- ??/Jun/05Forss.
Scottish IdiotVB 5b Sent ??/May/05Fontforth
Donkey Ridef4 5a Sent ??/May/05Fontforth
Sunset StripVB 4c Sent ??/May/05Fontforth
TTFVB 5b *Sent ??/May/05Fontforth
Demolition Dobbinf6A 5c Sent ??/May/05Fontforth
Donkey Kongf4 *Sent ??/Mar/05Fontforth
Dunkin' Dobnutsf4+ 5a Sent ??/Mar/05Fontforth
Hung Like A Mulef4+ 5a Sent ??/Mar/05Fontforth
Wayne's WoldVB 4b *Sent ??/Mar/05Fontforth
CG1VB 4b Sent ??/Mar/05Fontforth
FingerfocksVB 5a Sent ??/Mar/05Fontforth
Eeyoref5 5b *Sent ??/Feb/05Fontforth
Pin The Tail On The Donkeyf4+ 5a Sent ??/Feb/05Fontforth
Green Dayf3 5a Sent ??/Jan/05Fontforth
Kiss My Assf4+ 5a Sent ??/Jan/05Fontforth
One Trick Ponyf3 4a Sent ??/Jan/05Fontforth
Sunset SlabVB 5a *Sent ??/Jan/05Fontforth
ERVB 3a Sent ??/Jan/05Fontforth
SundownerVB Sent ??/Nov/04Fontforth
Trunk LineVB 4a - ??/Nov/04Fontforth
Branch LineVB 4b - ??/Nov/04Fontforth
Leaves on the TrackVB 5a - ??/Nov/04Fontforth
SprockletopVS 4c ***LeadRaymond Wallace??/Sep/03Mid Clyth
MaelstromHVS 5a ***2ndRaymond Wallace??/Sep/03Mid Clyth
Raccoon KickerHVS 5a LeadRaymond Wallace??/Sep/03Mid Clyth
GrapHVS 5a **LeadRob Christie, Raymond Wallace??/Sep/03Sarclet
We Are Not AmusedVD *2ndRaymond Wallace??/Sep/03Latheronwheel
Border RaidS 4c **LeadRaymond Wallace??/Sep/03Latheronwheel
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