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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Hen's RaceVD *2ndGerry Moss09/Nov/13Rocky Valley (kilmacanogue)
Honda 50VD *2ndGerry Moss09/Nov/13Rocky Valley (kilmacanogue)
BriarsD Lead 09/Nov/13Rocky Valley (kilmacanogue)
Fissure GrianmharVD 2ndGerry Moss09/Nov/13Rocky Valley (kilmacanogue)
Branch OutS 4a Lead 09/Nov/13Rocky Valley (kilmacanogue)
Little PelsteinS 4a Lead 09/Nov/13Rocky Valley (kilmacanogue)
Silver AppleMS Lead 09/Nov/13Rocky Valley (kilmacanogue)
May MoonVD 2nd 09/Nov/13Rocky Valley (kilmacanogue)
CharityS *AltLdVanessa Sumner26/Oct/13Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
MahjonggVS 4c **2nd 12/Oct/13Dalkey quarry
LevitationHS 4b *2ndCillian Russell12/Oct/13Dalkey quarry
FragileHS 4b 2ndCillian Russell12/Oct/13Dalkey quarry
D RouteS 4a ***LeadCillian Russell12/Oct/13Dalkey quarry
OggieS 4a 2ndVanessa Sumner12/Oct/13Dalkey quarry
Butler ArmsD TRBrooke Love22/Sep/13Dalkey quarry
DentifriceD LeadBrooke Love22/Sep/13Dalkey quarry
North GullyM Solo 23/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
GraveS 3c *LeadDave Keogh23/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
LevitationHS 4b *2ndDave Keogh23/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
Paradise LostVD ***LeadDave Keogh23/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
Easy GullyM Solo 23/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
Yorkshire PuddingHS 4b **2ndDave Keogh23/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
Honeypot CrackS 3c **2ndDave Keogh23/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
Giant's StaircaseS 3c **AltLdDave Keogh18/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
Tower RidgeD **AltLdDave Keogh18/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
PorcupineVD LeadDave Keogh18/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
EachtraVD TRDave Keogh17/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
YeppS 3c 2ndDave Keogh17/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
Eliminate AVD ***LeadDave Keogh17/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
Eliminate B DashVD *LeadDave Keogh17/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
Eliminate BD *2ndDave Keogh17/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
MahjonggVS 4c **TRMoira Creedon03/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
LevitationHS 4b *2ndMoira Creedon03/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
Paradise LostVD ***2ndMoira Creedon03/Jul/13Dalkey quarry
FragileHS 4b 2nd ???/2013Dalkey quarry
F RouteHS 4b **2nd ???/2013Dalkey quarry
Pedestal CrackS 4a *TR 01/Aug/10Harborough Rocks
Concave WallHVD 4a *TR 01/Aug/10Harborough Rocks
Steeple AreteVD *Solo 01/Aug/10Harborough Rocks
Spider ChimneyS 4a Solo 01/Aug/10Harborough Rocks
The BlasterHVS 5b TR 01/Aug/10Harborough Rocks
Little DiagonalVD Solo 01/Aug/10Harborough Rocks
Little CornerVD Solo 01/Aug/10Harborough Rocks
Little Little CrackVD Solo 01/Aug/10Harborough Rocks
Little ChimneyM Solo 01/Aug/10Harborough Rocks
Chimney AreteVD Solo 01/Aug/10Harborough Rocks
DesperationS 4a Solo 01/Aug/10Harborough Rocks
Trident AreteVD *Solo 01/Aug/10Harborough Rocks
Cracked WallHVS 5b TR 01/Aug/10Harborough Rocks
Overhanging CrackVS 5a TR 01/Aug/10Harborough Rocks
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