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Logbook for The Boy Riley

37 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
Chalkstorm2nd21/Dec/07Roaches Lower Tier
Great CrackLead??/Nov/07Burbage North
Ash Tree VariationsSolo O/S??/Oct/07Burbage North
Ash Tree WallSolo O/S??/Oct/07Burbage North
Ash Tree CrackSolo O/S??/Oct/07Burbage North
Artificial Stimulant2nd??/Oct/07Burbage North
Bilberry FaceSolo O/S??/Oct/07Burbage North
Bilberry AreteSolo O/S??/Oct/07Burbage North
AceSolo O/S??/Oct/07Burbage North
The MarmosetLead??/Aug/07Stanage End
Autumn GoldSolo O/S??/Aug/07Stanage End
Big AlLead??/Aug/07Stanage End
October SlabLead??/Aug/07Stanage End
Bright EyedSolo O/S??/Aug/07Stanage End
The KefferLead25/Apr/07Burbage North
Knight's MoveLead25/Apr/07Burbage North
Long Tall SallyLead18/Apr/07Burbage North
Rose FlakeLead18/Apr/07Burbage North
Right FinLead18/Apr/07Burbage North
Spider CrackSolo O/S18/Apr/07Burbage North
First CrackSolo O/S15/Apr/07Burbage North
Tharf CakeLead15/Apr/07Burbage North
Farcical AreteSolo O/S15/Apr/07Burbage North
Left Recess CrackSolo O/S15/Apr/07Burbage North
Right Recess CrackSolo O/S15/Apr/07Burbage North
Brooks' LaybackLead15/Apr/07Burbage North
Right Twin CrackSolo15/Apr/07Burbage North
Left Twin CrackSolo15/Apr/07Burbage North
Bilberry Crack (Burbage North)Solo O/S???/2007Burbage North
Still OrangeSolo O/S???/2007Burbage North
Hollyash CrackSolo O/S???/2007Burbage North
Green CrackLead???/2007Burbage North
Fox House FlakeLead???/2007Burbage South Quarries
The CockLead???/2007Burbage South Quarries
Perched Block RouteLead???/2007Burbage South Quarries