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NameStyleDate Crag name
The HookerLead rpt08/Feb/15Foxhole Cove
Unholy AllianceLead rpt08/Feb/15Foxhole Cove
Gentlemans RelishLead O/S08/Feb/15Bowen's Parlour
Reaction SeriesLead rpt08/Feb/15Bowen's Parlour
Bowen to the InevitableLead rpt08/Feb/15Bowen's Parlour
Hook Line and StinkerLead rpt20/Dec/14Telpyn Point
A Fisherman's TackleLead rpt20/Dec/14Telpyn Point
Top Mouth GudgeonLead rpt20/Dec/14Telpyn Point
Cunning LingLead rpt20/Dec/14Telpyn Point
Mussel ManLead rpt20/Dec/14Telpyn Point
Moule MariniereLead rpt20/Dec/14Telpyn Point
Ma Moule Don't Like You LaffinLead rpt20/Dec/14Telpyn Point
Sea FairerLead rpt20/Dec/14Telpyn Point
Glug Glug GlugLead rpt20/Dec/14Telpyn Point
Trevor, The Pint And The Pram / aka HitmanLead06/Dec/14Juniper Wall
Rattle And HumLead06/Dec/14Juniper Wall
Hair RaiserAltLd06/Dec/14Juniper Wall
Suspension Bridge AreteLead O/S29/Nov/14Avon Gorge (Suspension Bridge...
SuspenseLead O/S29/Nov/14Avon Gorge (Suspension Bridge...
Hell GatesLead O/S29/Nov/14Avon Gorge (Suspension Bridge...
LimboLead O/S29/Nov/14Avon Gorge (Suspension Bridge...
ShrewLead O/S19/Oct/14Tirpentwys
Yank my ChainLead O/S19/Oct/14Tirpentwys
Paw MeLead O/S19/Oct/14Tirpentwys
By deFault lineLead O/S19/Oct/14Tirpentwys
Crumlin towards EnglandLead O/S19/Oct/14Tirpentwys
Crumlin at the seamsLead O/S19/Oct/14Tirpentwys
Crumlin at the edgesLead O/S19/Oct/14Tirpentwys
RockyLead rpt19/Oct/14Tirpentwys
Mental MantlesLead rpt19/Oct/14Tirpentwys
Diamond DogLead rpt19/Oct/14Tirpentwys
you've had your chicksLead rpt19/Oct/14Tirpentwys
Hirsuit UlvulaLead rpt17/Sep/14Taffs Well Main
Gwesty Cymru 7" MixLead rpt17/Sep/14Taffs Well Main
DaggersLead rpt17/Sep/14Taffs Well Main
PinnochioLead16/Sep/14Ogmore (Main)
Pluto2nd16/Sep/14Ogmore (Main)
Ghengis KhanLead rpt22/Jul/14Taffs Well Main
Full Metal JacketAltLd22/Jul/14Taffs Well West
Any Old IronAltLd22/Jul/14Taffs Well West
Knackers yardAltLd22/Jul/14Taffs Well West
Landfill TaxAltLd22/Jul/14Taffs Well West
The Owl and the AntelopeLead rpt15/Jul/14Navigation Quarry
On Jupiter And MarsLead rpt15/Jul/14Navigation Quarry
Black MagicLead rpt15/Jul/14Navigation Quarry
Western Front DirectLead rpt15/Jul/14Navigation Quarry
Five O'Clock ShadowLead dnf08/Jul/14Witches Point (Stone Wing...
World vs GibsonLead dog08/Jul/14Witches Point (Stone Wing...
Exposure ExplosionAltLd02/Jul/14Ogmore (Main)