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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Cast Adrift on the Ocean of Uncertainty7a+ **Lead RPmike18/Oct/14Arbroath
Smokies6b+ *Lead RPmike18/Oct/14Arbroath
Between the Deil and the Deep Blue Sea6c+ Lead βmike18/Oct/14Arbroath
The Deil's Heid5c ***Lead O/SAlly Swinton18/Oct/14Arbroath
RattlesnakeE3 6b ***Lead βmike12/Oct/14Pass of Ballater
Gorilla Warfaref7A+ **Sent xShanks07/Oct/14Dumbarton Rock
Shapeshifter7a **Lead RPmike05/Oct/14Elephant Rock
Butt ugly martians7b **Lead RPmike05/Oct/14Elephant Rock
Pig on the rig6c+ *Lead RPmike05/Oct/14Elephant Rock
Hornblower6c Lead RPmike05/Oct/14Elephant Rock
YahoochieE6 6a ***Lead βmike02/Oct/14Craig Stirling
YertezootE5 6b **Lead βmike02/Oct/14Craig Stirling
YipeekaiaeE3 5c *Lead O/Smike02/Oct/14Craig Stirling
Mugsy (Ya Bass)f7A ***Sent xStb, mike, Alex Gorham27/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
Home Rulef6A **Sent xStb, mike, Alex Gorham27/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
Slap Happyf7A **Sent xStb, mike, Alex Gorham27/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
Pongof6C+ ***Sent xStb, mike, Alex Gorham27/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
Physical GraffitiE5 6b **Sent βShanks, Stb, mike, Alex Gorham27/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
Appliance of Violence7b+ **Lead RPmike27/Sep/14Dumbarton Rock
Rat Race face6b Lead O/Ssean23/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
Syes Don't Matter6b Lead O/Ssean23/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
Sye of Relief6b+ Lead O/Ssean23/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
Unnamed6a+ Lead O/Ssean23/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
Balmashanner Buttress4c Lead O/Ssean23/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
Desperate Dan6a+ Lead βmike22/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
99 Flake4a Lead βmike22/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
Ice Scream Wall6b Lead βmike22/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
Dennis the Menace6b Lead rptmike22/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
Mini the Minx6a Lead βmike22/Sep/14Balmashanner Quarry
Free BaseE5 6a **Lead RPmike15/Sep/14Reiff - An Stiuir
The QuickeningE5 6a ***Lead O/Smike14/Sep/14Reiff - Rubha Coigach
The GiftE5 6a ***Lead βmike14/Sep/14Reiff - Rubha Coigach
Five Magics6b+ **Lead O/Smike03/Sep/14Ley Quarry
Beyond the call of Nature7a *Lead O/Smike20/Aug/14Rob's Reed
Power Flower6c *Lead O/Smike20/Aug/14Rob's Reed
Burning Desire6c+ *Lead O/Smike20/Aug/14Rob's Reed
Squeal Like a Piggy6b Lead O/Smike20/Aug/14Rob's Reed
Horny deer?5c Lead O/Smike20/Aug/14Rob's Reed
Italian Stallion6a *Lead O/Smike20/Aug/14Rob's Reed
Forfaraway6b Lead O/Smike20/Aug/14Rob's Reed
Rectified7b *Lead RPmike20/Aug/14Rob's Reed
D.i.v.o.r.c.e.6c+ *Lead O/Smike20/Aug/14Rob's Reed
Leonardo Da Pinchy7a *Lead RPmike20/Aug/14Rob's Reed
Dead RingerE1 5b **Lead O/Smike16/Aug/14Limekilns
Elgin's CrackE2 5c ***Lead O/Smike16/Aug/14Limekilns
Delivery Man7a+ Lead RPRi, mike15/Aug/14Balmashanner Quarry
Rat Attack6c+ Lead RPRi, mike15/Aug/14Balmashanner Quarry
The Essential Balmashanner7c *Lead RPmike13/Aug/14Balmashanner Quarry
Gravity's Rainbow8a *Lead RPmike13/Aug/14Balmashanner Quarry
Off the Couch6c Lead β 26/Jul/14Balmashanner Quarry
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