40 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
AlkaTR O/S26/Apr/08Bowles Rocks
Renison GullyTR O/S26/Apr/08Bowles Rocks
White Verdict/The Ly'inTR dog26/Apr/08Bowles Rocks
Valerie's PatioLead O/S10/Apr/08Cheyne Wears Area
TombstoneLead O/S10/Apr/08Cheyne Wears Area
Where Silence Has LeaseLead RP10/Apr/08Cheyne Wears Area
Too Many Cooks Spoil the BrothLead01/Apr/08The Cuttings
JamLead01/Apr/08The Cuttings
Chips with EverythingLead01/Apr/08The Cuttings
Three FingersLead01/Apr/08The Cuttings
OpusLead01/Apr/08The Cuttings
Rusty the Red Neck TakesOne for the TeamLead01/Apr/08The Cuttings
Inspiration-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Juanita-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Sapper-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Yoyo-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Four-by-Two-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Devaluation-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Pig's Ear-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Harden Gully-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Six Foot-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Larchant-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Hennessy Heights-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
October-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Fragile Wall-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Fragile Arete-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Sing Sing-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Birch Crack-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
November-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Four-by-Two-12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Pull ThroughTR O/S12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Long LaybackTR O/S???/2008Harrisons Rocks
Dark ChimneyTR O/S???/2008Harrisons Rocks
Bow WindowTR O/S???/2008Harrisons Rocks
Forester's WallTR dog???/2008Harrisons Rocks
The NiblickTR O/S???/2008Harrisons Rocks
Big Cave Route 2TR dog???/2008Harrisons Rocks
Original RouteTR17/Jun/07Harrisons Rocks
The ChimneyTR17/Jun/07Harrisons Rocks
North-West CornerTR17/Jun/07Harrisons Rocks