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Logbook for PKR

40 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Alkanone 4c *TR O/SP ,R26/Apr/08Bowles Rocks
Renison Gullynone 3a TR O/SP ,R26/Apr/08Bowles Rocks
White Verdict/The Ly'innone 6b TR dog 26/Apr/08Bowles Rocks
Valerie's Patio3 Lead O/SP ,R10/Apr/08Cheyne Wears Area
Tombstone3+ **Lead O/SP ,R10/Apr/08Cheyne Wears Area
Where Silence Has Lease6c **Lead RP 10/Apr/08Cheyne Wears Area
Too Many Cooks Spoil the Broth6b **LeadP ,R01/Apr/08The Cuttings
Jam4a *LeadP ,R01/Apr/08The Cuttings
Chips with Everything4c *LeadP ,R01/Apr/08The Cuttings
Three Fingers5c *LeadP ,R01/Apr/08The Cuttings
Opus4a *LeadP ,R01/Apr/08The Cuttings
Rusty the Red Neck TakesOne for the Team6a+ *LeadP ,R01/Apr/08The Cuttings
Inspirationnone 5c **- 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Juanitanone 6a *- 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Sappernone 4c **- 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Yoyonone 4a **- 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Four-by-Twonone 5a *- 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Devaluationnone 5b **- 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Pig's Earnone 5c ***- 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Harden Gullynone 2a *- 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Six Footnone 4c *- 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Larchantnone 5a *- 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Hennessy Heightsnone 5b *- 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Octobernone 4c *- 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Fragile Wallnone 4a **- 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Fragile Aretenone 5a *- 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Sing Singnone 3a - 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Birch Cracknone 1b - 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Novembernone 1b - 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Four-by-Twonone 5a *- 12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Pull Throughnone 5b *TR O/SP ,R12/Feb/08Bowles Rocks
Long Laybacknone 5a ***TR O/SK???/2008Harrisons Rocks
Dark Chimneynone 2a ***TR O/SRory???/2008Harrisons Rocks
Bow Windownone 4a **TR O/SRory???/2008Harrisons Rocks
Forester's Wallnone 5b **TR dogKenny???/2008Harrisons Rocks
The Niblicknone 5b ***TR O/SKenny???/2008Harrisons Rocks
Big Cave Route 2none 2a *TR dogRory???/2008Harrisons Rocks
Original Routenone 2a TR 17/Jun/07Harrisons Rocks
The Chimneynone 2b **TR 17/Jun/07Harrisons Rocks
North-West Cornernone 5c **TR 17/Jun/07Harrisons Rocks