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NameStyleDate Crag name
Bramble WhineLead β14/Mar/15Fairy Cave Quarry
Slimming in the RainLead O/S01/Mar/15Wintour's Leap
Be GentleLead O/S01/Mar/15Wintour's Leap
Jive Talkin'Lead O/S12/Oct/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Last Tango in OakhillLead O/S12/Oct/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Minute WaltzSolo12/Oct/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Smell the GloveLead O/S05/Oct/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Rob's CrackLead rpt05/Oct/14Fairy Cave Quarry
PhoenixLead O/S21/Sep/14Wyndcliffe
The FirebirdLead dnf21/Sep/14Wyndcliffe
ButterflyLead O/S20/Sep/14Wintour's Leap
The SplitLead O/S20/Sep/14Wintour's Leap
Swallow's NestLead O/S20/Sep/14Wintour's Leap
Bramble WhineSolo O/S07/Sep/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Lunar LandscapeSolo O/S07/Sep/14Fairy Cave Quarry
PuebloSolo O/S07/Sep/14Fairy Cave Quarry
CavemanSolo O/S07/Sep/14Fairy Cave Quarry
Divine WindLead O/S27/Aug/14Headend quarry
Letter-BoxLead O/S27/Aug/14Headend quarry
BilberryLead O/S27/Aug/14Headend quarry
CrusthoundLead O/S27/Aug/14Headend quarry
Soap GutLead O/S27/Aug/14Headend quarry
Snail WallLead O/S27/Aug/14Headend quarry
Fossil AreteLead O/S27/Aug/14Headend quarry
Devil's KneecapLead O/S27/Aug/14Headend quarry
MolluscLead O/S27/Aug/14Headend quarry
BlahLead O/S27/Aug/14Headend quarry
Crystal Wall DirectLead O/S27/Aug/14Headend quarry
Nut Smasher CrackLead O/S27/Aug/14Headend quarry
BloodhoundTR β27/Aug/14Headend quarry
Crystal CruiseLead O/S26/Aug/14Headend quarry
DidsLead O/S26/Aug/14Headend quarry
W.A.CLead O/S26/Aug/14Headend quarry
The Butcher's DogLead O/S26/Aug/14Headend quarry
TerrazaLead O/S26/Aug/14Headend quarry
Piggy MaloneLead O/S26/Aug/14Headend quarry
BloodhoundLead dnf26/Aug/14Headend quarry
FlashermanLead O/S24/Aug/14Armathwaite
Flasherman DirectLead O/S24/Aug/14Armathwaite
ErectionLead O/S24/Aug/14Armathwaite
Route 1Solo O/S20/Aug/14Baslow Edge
Route 1.5Solo O/S20/Aug/14Baslow Edge
Route 1.9Solo O/S20/Aug/14Baslow Edge
Route 3Solo O/S20/Aug/14Baslow Edge
Route 3.5Solo O/S20/Aug/14Baslow Edge
Stepped GrooveSolo O/S20/Aug/14Baslow Edge
Gully WallSolo O/S20/Aug/14Baslow Edge
Gully Wall VariationSolo O/S20/Aug/14Baslow Edge
Shallow RibSolo O/S20/Aug/14Baslow Edge
Broken ButtressSolo O/S20/Aug/14Baslow Edge