725 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Prepossanne Leftf8A+ **Sent x13/Jul/15Ash Hole
Prepossanne Standf8A ***Sent x13/Jul/15Ash Hole
Animal Magnetism7b **DWS O/S??/Jul/15Lulworth
Hurbot the TurbotE4 6b *DWS O/S??/Jul/15Lulworth
Gates of Greyskull7b+ ***DWS G/U??/Jul/15Lulworth
Window of OpportunityE5 6b *DWS O/S??/Jul/15Lulworth
Horny Lil' Devil7a ***DWS O/S??/Jul/15Lulworth
Z-CarsE6 6b *DWS G/U??/Jul/15Lulworth
The Laws TraverseE1 6a **DWS O/S??/Jul/15Lulworth
WassersymphonieVIII- ***AltLd O/S05/Jun/15Alpawand
Dinos Don't Dynosf7B **Sent β??/Jun/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Valentines Dayf7A+ **Sent x??/Jun/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Enterprisef7A ***Sent β??/Jun/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
The Giftf7C Sent β??/Jun/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
U Bootf6C **Sent O/S??/Jun/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Gollumf7C Sent x??/Jun/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Bosna Genialf7A *Sent O/S??/Jun/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Super Bosnaf6B+ Sent O/S??/Jun/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Hohenrauschf7B+ ***Sent β??/Jun/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Supernovaf7C **Sent x??/Jun/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Supercrackf6C ***Sent x??/Jun/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Nothing Changesf8A **Sent x??/Jun/15Averstal (AKA: Magic Wood)
Purple Pantsf7B **Sent x09/Apr/15Tintagel North
All along the Watchtowerf7B **Sent x09/Apr/15Tintagel North
Dead Gravityf7C **Sent x05/Apr/15Ansteys Cove Area Bouldering
Black Snake Moan8a **Lead RP??/Mar/15Brean Down
Neither Here nor ThereV8 Sent x11/Feb/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
Slotted WallV7 6b/c ***Sent x08/Feb/15Bovey Woods
Something and NothingV8 6b/c ***Sent x??/Jan/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The WaveV6 6c ***Sent x??/Jan/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
The Wave (Left Hander)V6 6c **Sent x??/Jan/15Bonehill Rocks (Bone Hill)
DominatorE2 5c **Lead O/S??/Dec/14Bosigran
Jolly Green GiantE2 6a Lead O/S??/Dec/14Bosigran
Red Dragon8a+ Lead RP??/Nov/14Moon Hill
White Tiger8a Lead RP??/Nov/14The Chicken Cave
Small man, big move7a *Lead O/S??/Nov/14Riverside
The Everything Guy6c **Lead O/S??/Nov/14Riverside
Dragonfly7a+ **Lead O/S??/Nov/14Riverside
Flaming Hornets 1st anchor7b+ ***Lead RP??/Nov/14Riverside
Far, far away7b *Lead β??/Nov/14Riverside
Smack Down7c ***Lead RP??/Nov/14Riverside
Doraemon7b *Lead β??/Nov/14Lei Pi Shan
Ma Jie6b **Lead O/S??/Nov/14Lei Pi Shan
The Power of One7a+ ***Lead O/S??/Nov/14Lei Pi Shan
One Love7c+ **Lead β??/Nov/14Lei Pi Shan
Thunder7c **Lead β??/Nov/14Lei Pi Shan
Single Life8a ***Lead RP??/Nov/14Lei Pi Shan
Singularity7a+ ***Lead O/S??/Nov/14Lei Pi Shan
Crash and burn7a **Lead O/S??/Nov/14Lei Pi Shan
China White7b *Lead O/S??/Nov/14White Mountain