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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
The Deep6c+ **2nd25/Sep/15Llanymynech Quarry
Aphelion6a *Lead18/Sep/15Penmaen Head
Helyg Crack6a *Lead18/Sep/15Penmaen Head
Intruder5c *Lead18/Sep/15Penmaen Head
Terces Pot6c *Lead dog18/Sep/15Penmaen Head
Grane WallE1 5b **2nd15/Sep/15Troy Quarry
Two DabsE2 5c 2nd15/Sep/15Troy Quarry
JussyHVS 5b *Lead15/Sep/15Troy Quarry
Pink EdgeE2 5b **Lead15/Sep/15Troy Quarry
Sounder DirectE2 5c 2nd15/Sep/15Troy Quarry
Sundowner6a *Lead10/Sep/15Lighthouse Crags
Blue Moon6b *Lead10/Sep/15Lighthouse Crags
Neon Noon6b **2nd10/Sep/15Lighthouse Crags
Black Iris6b TR10/Sep/15Lighthouse Crags
Black Orchid6a+ Lead10/Sep/15Lighthouse Crags
Spider CrackHVS 5a *2nd08/Sep/15Wilton 1
SobeitE3 5c **2nd08/Sep/15Wilton 1
Richard 11 13996a+ **2nd04/Sep/15Penmaen Head
Go With the Flow6a *2nd04/Sep/15Penmaen Head
The Double Helix6a+ *2nd04/Sep/15Penmaen Head
Statement of Twlight Years6b *2nd04/Sep/15Penmaen Head
Fixe Inox City6b+ *2nd04/Sep/15Penmaen Head
Blitzy's Jug6a+ **Lead04/Sep/15Penmaen Head
Big up the Lizard5c Lead04/Sep/15Penmaen Head
Tan y Lan Kids5a Lead04/Sep/15Penmaen Head
Discomknockerated6b+ *2nd04/Sep/15Penmaen Head
Flaschenburste Crack6a+ *Lead04/Sep/15Penmaen Head
Central CrackHVS 5a ***Lead27/Aug/15Wilton 3
Shivers AreteE1 5b **2nd27/Aug/15Wilton 3
CanopyHVS 5a *Lead27/Aug/15Wilton 3
Wilton WallE3 6a ***2nd27/Aug/15Wilton 2
ThrosherVS 4c **Lead27/Aug/15Wilton 2
1066 to Temple Meads6b Lead31/Jul/15Frogsmouth Quarry
Orgy of Ruin6a+ Lead31/Jul/15Frogsmouth Quarry
Der Griefek6b+ *2nd31/Jul/15Frogsmouth Quarry
Johnny Fartpants6c+ *Lead31/Jul/15Frogsmouth Quarry
Savasana6a+ Lead31/Jul/15Frogsmouth Quarry
Just After Fifty6a *Lead31/Jul/15Frogsmouth Quarry
The Flying School6c ***Lead31/Jul/15Frogsmouth Quarry
Wombat ChimneyE1 5b **2nd30/Jul/15Wilton 1
ChristeenaVS 4c **Lead30/Jul/15Wilton 1
ParadoxE2 5b ***2nd30/Jul/15Wilton 1
Wall Street6b+ **Lead24/Jul/15Frogsmouth Quarry
Dogsbody Arete6a+ ***Lead24/Jul/15Frogsmouth Quarry
Johnny Fartpants6c+ *Lead24/Jul/15Frogsmouth Quarry
Zest Direct6b **Lead24/Jul/15Frogsmouth Quarry
MetamorphosisVS 4c ***Lead21/Jul/15Anglezarke Quarry
The Golden TowerE2 5c ***2nd21/Jul/15Anglezarke Quarry
Terror CottaHVS 5a ***Lead21/Jul/15Anglezarke Quarry
First FinaleE1 5b ***2nd21/Jul/15Anglezarke Quarry