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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Helvellyn summitsummit -Corey Bell29/May/14Helvellyn
Ledge RouteII ***2nd dnfDavina, Petegunn10/Apr/14Ben Nevis
MilligramE1 5b **2ndPetegunn19/Aug/13Scratchmere Scar
Greta's ClimbMVS 4c **2ndDavina, Petegunn19/Aug/13Scratchmere Scar
BlondieE1 5a **LeadDavina, Petegunn19/Aug/13Scratchmere Scar
John's ClimbHS 4a **LeadDavina, Petegunn19/Aug/13Scratchmere Scar
ExtractionHVS 5a *2ndDavina, Petegunn19/Aug/13Scratchmere Scar
Stormy PetterilVS 5a **LeadPetegunn19/Aug/13Scratchmere Scar
Get CloseVS 5a *2ndDavina, Petegunn19/Aug/13Scratchmere Scar
Catbells summitsummit -Hamish I Bell07/Aug/13Catbells
Wizard of OzHS 4b *LeadDavina, Petegunn30/May/13Meikle Ross
Mellow YellowVS 4c ***2ndDavina, Petegunn30/May/13Meikle Ross
Pinking ShearHVS 5a ***2ndDavina, Petegunn30/May/13Meikle Ross
Coffin CrackS 4a 2ndDavina, Petegunn30/May/13Meikle Ross
Demolition TangoVS 4c **2ndDavina, Petegunn30/May/13Meikle Ross
Cairnsmore of Fleet summitsummit -Joe Brunskill05/May/13Cairnsmore of Fleet
Little ChamonixVD ***AltLdStewart Lessels04/May/13Shepherds Crag
Brown SlabsD **LeadStewart Lessels04/May/13Shepherds Crag
Brown Slabs CrackVS 4c **2ndStewart Lessels04/May/13Shepherds Crag
HotlipsVS 4c **LeadGraeme Barr26/Aug/12Clifton Crag
Wall StreetE1 5b ***2ndGraeme Barr26/Aug/12Clifton Crag
HotlipsVS 4c **LeadGraeme Barr26/Aug/12Clifton Crag
Wall StreetE1 5b ***2ndGraeme Barr26/Aug/12Clifton Crag
IronyHVS 5a **AltLdPetegunn25/Jul/12Quayfoot Buttress
slab left of ScreamE2 5c TRStewart Lessels05/Jun/12Auchinstarry Quarry
Slinky LizardHS 4b *LeadStewart Lessels05/Jun/12Auchinstarry Quarry
SpirogyraVS 4c 2ndStewart Lessels05/Jun/12Auchinstarry Quarry
TrundleVS 4c **LeadStewart Lessels05/Jun/12Auchinstarry Quarry
Walk on the Wild SideHVS 5a ***TRStewart Lessels05/Jun/12Auchinstarry Quarry
The TombstoneVS 4b *2ndGraeme Barr30/May/12the Lookout
Old greywacke testVS 4c **LeadGraeme Barr30/May/12the Lookout
SideshootVS 4b 2ndGraeme Barr30/May/12Clifton Crag
Troutdale PinnacleS ***AltLdTwo Cams Tom, Eric Bray26/May/12Black Crag (Borrowdale)
The PruneVS 4b **LeadDavina, Petegunn14/Apr/12Corwar
Plum lineE2 5b ***2ndDavina, Petegunn14/Apr/12Corwar
Corwar wallHVS 5a **2ndDavina, Petegunn14/Apr/12Corwar
Bigger Than TiggerS 4b *LeadDavina, Stewart Lessels,...06/Apr/12Corwar
The WatchtowerS 4a *2ndDavina, Stewart Lessels,...06/Apr/12the Lookout
Paper MoonE3 5c **TRDavina04/Apr/12Armathwaite
Free and EasyE4 5c **TRDavina, Petegunn04/Apr/12Armathwaite
Barnacle BillE1 5b **TRDavina, Petegunn04/Apr/12Armathwaite
CodpieceE2 6a **TRDavina, Petegunn04/Apr/12Armathwaite
The CrescentE3 5b **TRDavina, Petegunn04/Apr/12Armathwaite
Jelly TerrorE1 5b TRDavina, Petegunn04/Apr/12Armathwaite
CluedoE2 5b 2ndDavina, Petegunn04/Apr/12Armathwaite
Tour de ForceVS 4c **LeadDillon Bell01/Apr/12Clifton Crag
LipletS 4b **LeadDillon Bell01/Apr/12Clifton Crag
SideshootVS 4b 2ndEric Bray17/Mar/12Clifton Crag
Jeune EcoleS 4b **LeadEric Bray17/Mar/12Clifton Crag
GramercyS 4a *LeadEric Bray17/Mar/12Clifton Crag
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