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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
PerseveranceHS 4b *2nd??/Sep/10Three Cliffs Bay
Holly Tree WallD Solo O/S??/May/10The Dewerstone
Pinnacle ButtressVD Solo O/S??/May/10The Dewerstone
Mucky GullyD Lead O/S??/May/10The Dewerstone
Zig ZagVD *Lead O/S??/May/10Haytor (aka Hay Tor) and Low...
Bulging WallVD **Lead O/S??/May/10Haytor (aka Hay Tor) and Low...
Step AcrossD *Lead O/S??/May/10Haytor (aka Hay Tor) and Low...
Caesar's NoseS 4a Lead O/S??/May/10The Dewerstone
Pinnacle Buttress DirectHS 4a Solo O/S??/May/10The Dewerstone
Route BHVD *AltLd O/S??/May/10The Dewerstone
Green MantleD **AltLd rpt??/May/10Chudleigh Rocks
Brer FoxS 4a Lead O/S??/May/10Chudleigh Rocks
Brer RabbitHS 4a Lead O/S??/May/10Chudleigh Rocks
Rock-Pool CrackHS 4b Lead β??/May/10Gull Rock - Marsland
Wicks FollyVS 4c 2nd O/S??/May/10Gull Rock - Marsland
Solid AirVS 4b 2nd O/S??/May/10Gull Rock - Marsland
Magical StaircaseS Lead O/S??/May/10Gull Rock - Marsland
Agag's DirectS 4a Lead O/S??/May/10The Dewerstone
Agag's SlabD Solo O/S??/May/10The Dewerstone
Mambo SlabVD Solo O/S??/May/10The Dewerstone
In Her EyesS 4a Lead β??/May/10Baggy Point
BenS 4a *Lead β??/May/10Baggy Point
HarvestmanE5 6a TR??/Apr/10Chudleigh Rocks
Seventh VeilVS 4c TR O/S??/Apr/10Chudleigh Rocks
StalactiteVS 4b TR O/S??/Apr/10Chudleigh Rocks
Stalactite DirectHVS 5a *TR O/S??/Apr/10Chudleigh Rocks
WogsHVD ***Lead O/S???/2010Chudleigh Rocks
Inkerman GrooveVS 4c ***2nd???/2010Chudleigh Rocks
ReekHS 4b **Lead β???/2010Chudleigh Rocks
Guy Fawkes CrackVS 4c TR???/2010Chudleigh Rocks
TNTHVS 5a TR???/2010Chudleigh Rocks
Hot IceE4 6a **TR dog???/2010Chudleigh Rocks
Seventh Veil DirectE1 5a *TR RP???/2010Chudleigh Rocks
SalomeS 4a *Solo???/2010Chudleigh Rocks
Tar BabyS 4a Lead O/S???/2010Chudleigh Rocks
LogicE1 5b **2nd???/2010Chudleigh Rocks
Barn Owl CrackHVD *Lead O/S??/Oct/09Chudleigh Rocks
EenyD Solo??/Oct/09Chudleigh Rocks
MeenyD Solo??/Oct/09Chudleigh Rocks
MineyD Solo??/Oct/09Chudleigh Rocks
Green MantleD **Solo??/Oct/09Chudleigh Rocks
Little Tryfan AreteM **Lead??/Sep/09Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Chimney CrackD Lead??/Sep/09Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Right RibS 4a Lead??/Sep/09Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Mossy SlabS 4a Lead??/Sep/09Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Overlap SlabS 3c Lead??/Sep/09Tryfan Fach (Little Tryfan)
Uberwald ExpressVD Lead??/Aug/09Westdown Quarry
The Fifth ElephantVD Lead??/Aug/09Westdown Quarry
SourceryHS Lead??/Aug/09Westdown Quarry
Greebo's ClawS Lead??/Aug/09Westdown Quarry