1,153 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Fallen Archangelf6C *Sent27/Sep/15Stanage North
Broad Slab LeftVB 4a Sent27/Sep/15Stanage North
Broad SlabV0 4c Sent27/Sep/15Stanage North
Miss SunshineV2 5c Sent27/Sep/15Stanage North
Sunny BargerV0+ 5a Sent27/Sep/15Stanage North
Buckstone TraverseV4 Sent27/Sep/15Stanage North
The Buckshelff6A Sent27/Sep/15Stanage North
BuckribV0+ 5b Sent27/Sep/15Stanage North
Buckstone Groovef5 Sent27/Sep/15Stanage North
Pass the BuckV0+ 5a Sent27/Sep/15Stanage North
Buxomf4+ Sent27/Sep/15Stanage North
BuxlessVB *Sent27/Sep/15Stanage North
BuckarooV0 *Sent27/Sep/15Stanage North
Buckstone Eliminatef5 Sent27/Sep/15Stanage North
Buckstone WallVB Sent27/Sep/15Stanage North
Right Wall TraverseV6 **Sent20/Sep/15Parisella's Cave
Left Wall Traverse (horizontal shothole start)V6 *Sent20/Sep/15Parisella's Cave
Rock BottomV6 *Sent19/Sep/15Split Infinity Cave
The Dope Mantelf6B+ Sent05/Sep/15Stanage Plantation
The Green Traversef7A ***Sent05/Sep/15Stanage Plantation
Cave RighthandV4 **Sent15/Aug/15Parisella's Cave
Left Wall Traverse Low (flake start)V5 Sent15/Aug/15Parisella's Cave
Ledge RoofV3 6a *Sent08/Aug/15Gardoms Edge
First Roof MiddleV5 6b Sent08/Aug/15Gardoms Edge
First Roof LeftV3 6a Sent08/Aug/15Gardoms Edge
Handrailf6A Sent02/Aug/15Wimberry Rocks
The Coarse Traversef7A *Sent dnf02/Aug/15Wimberry Rocks
Not So CoarseV3 6a *Sent02/Aug/15Wimberry Rocks
Leapf3 *Sent02/Aug/15Wimberry Rocks
Le Petit Tank Sit-startf5 *Sent02/Aug/15Wimberry Rocks
Steep SideV0 5a Sent25/Jul/15Stanage Plantation
The Lone RangerV3 6a Sent25/Jul/15Stanage Plantation
Lone ScoopV2 5c **Sent25/Jul/15Stanage Plantation
Back CoverV0- 4a Sent25/Jul/15Stanage Plantation
Shady SlabV0- 4b Sent25/Jul/15Stanage Plantation
Shady Slab Right AreteV0- 4a Sent25/Jul/15Stanage Plantation
Grooved AreteV1 5b Sent25/Jul/15Stanage Plantation
Scoops AreteV0 5b Sent25/Jul/15Stanage Plantation
Nameless Block MantelV0 5a Sent25/Jul/15Stanage Plantation
Ramp ThingV2 5c Sent25/Jul/15Stanage Plantation
Crescent GrooveletV1 5c *Sent25/Jul/15Stanage Plantation
Slot Sitdownf6A+ Sent25/Jul/15Stanage Plantation
Pixief5 Sent18/Jul/15Roaches Upper Tier
Greener ReverseV1 5+ Sent18/Jul/15Roaches Lower Tier
The Green GreenieV1 5c Sent18/Jul/15Roaches Lower Tier
GreenerateV4 6b Sent18/Jul/15Roaches Lower Tier
The Greener TraverseV3 5c **Sent18/Jul/15Roaches Lower Tier
Greener MantelV2 6a Sent18/Jul/15Roaches Lower Tier
Steep TraverseV5 6b ***Sent11/Jul/15Stanage Plantation
Business LaunchV4 6b Sent11/Jul/15Stanage Plantation