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NameStyleDate Crag name
P1Sent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
P2Sent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
P3Sent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
P4Sent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
P5Sent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
P6Sent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
P7Sent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
P8Sent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
P9Sent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
P10Sent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
Frontside TraverseSent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
The RampSent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
Marsh Arete RACSent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
P26Sent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
RAC Arete LefthandSent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
RAC Arete RighthandSent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
P20Sent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
P23Sent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
Pump TraverseSent27/Jun/14RAC boulders
Ramp CentralSent26/Jun/14Cromlech boulders
The RampSent26/Jun/14Cromlech boulders
Ramp LefthandSent26/Jun/14Cromlech boulders
Black Nook Slab-24/Jun/14Roaches Lower Tier
Black Nook Arete-24/Jun/14Roaches Lower Tier
Pockets Arete-24/Jun/14Roaches Lower Tier
Three Pocket Slab-24/Jun/14Roaches Lower Tier
Ascent of Man Start-24/Jun/14Roaches Lower Tier
Joe's ArÍteSent O/S24/Jun/14Roaches Upper Tier
The CrackSent x03/Jun/14Trowbarrow
Mud MonkeySent x03/Jun/14Trowbarrow
American Express (ss)Sent x03/Jun/14Trowbarrow
American Express (standing start)Sent x03/Jun/14Trowbarrow
The Easy GrooveSent x03/Jun/14Trowbarrow
The CrackSent x16/May/14Cold Pike Bouldering
Problem 2Sent x16/May/14Cold Pike Bouldering
Problem 3Sent x16/May/14Cold Pike Bouldering
Problem 4Sent x16/May/14Cold Pike Bouldering
Eiger AspirantSent x16/May/14Cold Pike Bouldering
Problem 13Sent x16/May/14Cold Pike Bouldering
Problem 14Sent x16/May/14Cold Pike Bouldering
Block of DeathSent x16/May/14Cold Pike Bouldering
Problem 33Sent x16/May/14Cold Pike Bouldering
Problem 34Sent x16/May/14Cold Pike Bouldering
Problem 35Sent x16/May/14Cold Pike Bouldering
CloserSent x30/Apr/14Woodwell
SanctifiedSent x23/Apr/14Woodwell
SubliminalSent x23/Apr/14Woodwell
Got a Lot to SaySent x23/Apr/14Woodwell
Nothing to SaySent x23/Apr/14Woodwell
The Mile High GuySent x17/Mar/14Carrock Fell crag
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