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NameStyleDate Crag name
Low Traverse (Broken Nose Buttress)-25/Mar/15Back Forest
Rocking Stone Ridge-25/Mar/15Back Forest
Armstrain-25/Mar/15Back Forest
Dog-leg Corner-25/Mar/15Back Forest
Unseen Face-25/Mar/15Back Forest
P1 (Rigg Lane)Sent21/Mar/15Windy Clough
P2 (Rigg Lane)Sent21/Mar/15Windy Clough
P3 (Rigg Lane)Sent21/Mar/15Windy Clough
P4 (Rigg Lane)Sent21/Mar/15Windy Clough
P5 (Rigg Lane)Sent21/Mar/15Windy Clough
P7 (Rigg Lane)Sent21/Mar/15Windy Clough
P9 (Rigg Lane)Sent21/Mar/15Windy Clough
P10 (Rigg Lane)Sent21/Mar/15Windy Clough
Greening from Ear to Ear-20/Mar/15Holcombe Boulders
Traverse of Man-19/Mar/15Roaches Lower Tier
Boring and MeaninglessLead O/S02/Mar/15Dairy Farm
Living WaterLead O/S02/Mar/15Dairy Farm
DirectLead O/S02/Mar/15Dairy Farm
Stir-fried WaterLead rpt15/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Lois LaneLead rpt15/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Stir-fried WaterLead rpt15/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Trong Bei ("Straight Ahead")Lead rpt15/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Lois LaneLead rpt15/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Andrea's SpinelineLead rpt15/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Hanna's GiftLead rpt15/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Hanna's GiftLead β12/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Jug CityLead β12/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Golden CopulationLead β12/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
British Russian, or Nineteen?Lead β12/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Mr Viper, Mr Pit ViperLead β12/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Birthday BoyLead β12/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Russian SubmarineLead β12/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Shamik's ProjectLead O/S12/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Sudt Jawd ("F***ing Awesome")Lead G/U11/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Picking Beans in GuatemalaLead G/U11/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Latitude 8Lead G/U11/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Baron Von TokLead G/U11/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Bandai ("Ladder")Lead G/U11/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
So, So, So...People Come, People GoLead G/U11/Feb/15Tonsai Tower
Dude AbidesLead O/S09/Feb/15Chong Phli
Mad SkillsLead09/Feb/15Chong Phli
EFZLead09/Feb/15Chong Phli
Round the OutsideLead O/S09/Feb/15Chong Phli
Breakfast Same SameLead O/S31/Jan/15Pha Tam Kam
SissiLead O/S31/Jan/15Pha Tam Kam
Endurance RunLead O/S31/Jan/15Pha Tam Kam
Mr. Methan's Warm UpLead O/S31/Jan/15Pha Tam Kam
Full HouseLead O/S31/Jan/15Pha Tam Kam
Full HouseLead O/S31/Jan/15Pha Tam Kam
SockenpuppeLead O/S30/Jan/15Pha Tam Kam