34 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
LuLead RP07/Nov/09Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Eclipse P1Lead O/S04/Nov/09Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Chips with EverythingLead β20/Sep/09The Cuttings
The SodLead β20/Sep/09The Cuttings
Harter StarterLead O/S27/Sep/08Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
BlasehaseLead β27/Sep/08Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
The Sunny Side of ChipsylifeLead O/S27/Sep/08Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Smarter StarterLead O/S27/Sep/08Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
LolaLead O/S26/Sep/08Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Gey-ikLead O/S24/Sep/08Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
MuhtarLead dog24/Sep/08Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
Lycian AlpinistLead β23/Sep/08Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
PianohandsLead O/S22/Sep/08Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
MeltimLead O/S22/Sep/08Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
HavensgateLead β22/Sep/08Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Kinetic KoncertLead O/S22/Sep/08Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
FirtinaLead O/S21/Sep/08Geyikbayiri - Lower Tier
Cake WalkLead dog28/Aug/08Blacknor North
Slings ShotLead dog28/Aug/08Blacknor North
Shit Happens, ActuallyLead dog28/Aug/08Blacknor Central
Tom's PatienceLead O/S27/Aug/08Winspit
Resin DevotionLead dnf27/Aug/08Winspit
New Age, New StyleLead dog26/Aug/08Hedbury
Goddam Sexual TyrannosaurusLead dog26/Aug/08Hedbury
AmmonitemareTR dog26/Aug/08Hedbury
Tethered by GravityLead26/Aug/08Hedbury
Z'MuttSent x26/Jun/08High Rocks
ChupiLead O/S24/May/08Geyikbayiri - Upper Tier
DegenerateSent x10/May/08High Rocks
TestimonySent x08/May/08High Rocks
Tool WallSent dnf08/May/08High Rocks
Brick Arete/KBHRSent dnf06/May/08Burbage South Valley Boulders
Thin SlabSent dnf05/May/08Stanage Plantation
The Celtic CrossSent dnf02/May/08Burbage South Quarries