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Logbook for Kelly D

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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Elendigliches6a+ ***Lead O/SKiri25/Sep/13Alcalali
Diferente Partes6c ***Lead βRich Mayfield25/Sep/13Alcalali
Llibertine6b **Lead βKiri25/Sep/13Pena Roja (Lliber)
Sin tarjeta de presentación7a ***TR dogRich Mayfield25/Sep/13Pena Roja (Lliber)
Cardo Borriquera6a **Lead O/SKiri24/Sep/13Sella
Vaya tipo el de Oti6c+ *Lead dogRich Mayfield24/Sep/13Sella
La cosa7a **TR dnfRich Mayfield24/Sep/13Sella
El minxto6a *Lead O/SKiri22/Sep/13Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Edwards el colonialista6a+ *TR dnfRich Mayfield22/Sep/13Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Buho6a *TR dnfRich Mayfield, Kiri22/Sep/13Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Maiane6b *Lead O/SJohn (Orange House Improver)22/Sep/13Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Chapa Pallá6b+ Lead dogKiri22/Sep/13Vall de Guadar (Echo Valley)
Alí Babá y 40 Komandos4a **Lead O/SJohn (Orange House Improver)21/Sep/13Sella
Fisura con finura6a ***Lead O/SJohn (Orange House Improver)21/Sep/13Sella
Ojo de Odra6c *Lead dogSarah Lee21/Sep/13Sella
Aquí tampoco6c **Lead dnfRich Mayfield21/Sep/13Sella
Bolt Tax6a **Lead βKiri20/Sep/13Sella
Deja vu5a *Lead βKiri20/Sep/13Sella
El torronet5c **Lead βKiri20/Sep/13Sella
Cartujal5c ***Lead dnfKiri20/Sep/13Sella
Kashba6c+ ***TR dogRich Mayfield20/Sep/13Sella
Red 40 (95.2)f4+ *Sent x 02/Nov/1295.2
La Nescafé (Red 21)f6A ***Sent xlorraine pope31/Oct/12Bas Cuvier
L'angle Allain (RHS)f5+ ***Sent xRowan31/Oct/12Cuvier Rempart
Le Nezf6A *Sent rpt 31/Oct/12Bas Cuvier
Le Nezf6A *Sent xRowan30/Oct/12Bas Cuvier
Le Soufflet (Red 36)f6A Sent xlorraine pope30/Oct/12Bas Cuvier
La Marie Rose (Red 22)f6A ***Sent x 30/Oct/12Bas Cuvier
Presse Citron (Red 7)f6A ***Sent xRowan29/Oct/12Le Cul de Chien
Red 1f4+ *Sent 29/Oct/1291.1
Red 3f3+ Sent 29/Oct/1291.1
Red 10f4+ Sent 29/Oct/1291.1
Red 27f4+ Sent 29/Oct/1291.1
Red 28f4+ Sent 29/Oct/1291.1
Red 7f5+ Sent 29/Oct/1291.1
Red 28bisf5+ Sent xlorraine pope29/Oct/1291.1
Red 3f4+ Sent 28/Oct/12Franchard Cuisiniere
Red 4f4+ Sent 28/Oct/12Franchard Cuisiniere
Red 13f4 Sent 28/Oct/12Franchard Cuisiniere
White 14f4+ Sent xRowan28/Oct/12Franchard Cuisiniere
The Eye SocketV2 5c Sent β 28/Jul/12Over Owler Tor
JawboneV1 5c Sent x 28/Jul/12Over Owler Tor
Right TowerV0 5a Sent x 28/Jul/12Over Owler Tor
Plop Start LeftV0 5a Sent rpt 28/Jul/12Over Owler Tor
Wafery FlakeV3 6a Sent dnf 28/Jul/12Over Owler Tor
Friend Slot WallV0+ 5b Sent rpt 28/Jul/12Over Owler Tor
FingersplitterV0+ 5a Sent rpt 28/Jul/12Over Owler Tor
Milk CapV0- 4a Sent x 28/Jul/12Mother Cap and Quarry
Conan the LibrarianV4 6b **Sent dnf 28/Jul/12Mother Cap and Quarry
La Marie Rose (Red 22)f6A ***Sent xlorraine pope18/Sep/11Bas Cuvier
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