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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Tea-leaf CrackHVD *Lead 31/Dec/08Stanage Popular
Robin Hood's Chockstone ChimneyS 4a *Leadcharly fell, laughterton31/Dec/08Stanage Popular
BeeVD *2ndcharly fell, laughterton31/Dec/08Stanage Popular
AwlS 4a TRcharly fell, laughterton31/Dec/08Stanage Popular
The GangplankM *Solo 29/Dec/08Birchen Edge
All AboardD Lead 29/Dec/08Birchen Edge
The PromenadeD **Lead 29/Dec/08Birchen Edge
Trafalgar WallS 4b ***Lead 29/Dec/08Birchen Edge
Seasick SlabVD 4b Solo 29/Dec/08Birchen Edge
Top Block RockVD Solo 27/Dec/08Stanage Popular
Corner CrackD Solo 27/Dec/08Stanage Popular
Little PlumbD Solo 26/Dec/08Burbage North
SteptoeM Solo 26/Dec/08Burbage North
Monkey WallM Solo 26/Dec/08Burbage North
Overhanging Buttress AreteM *Solo 26/Dec/08Burbage North
Burgess ButtressM Solo 26/Dec/08Burbage North
Zip CrackM Solo 26/Dec/08Stanage Popular
Mantelpiece CrackD 4a Solo 26/Dec/08Stanage Popular
Flying Buttress GullyD Solo 26/Dec/08Stanage Popular
Martello CracksM *Solo 26/Dec/08Stanage Popular
Verandah Cracks RightD Solo 26/Dec/08Stanage Popular
Wing Buttress GullyD Solo 26/Dec/08Stanage Popular
Rib ChimneyHVD *Solo 26/Dec/08Stanage Plantation
Flake GullyD Solo 26/Dec/08Stanage Plantation
Still OrangeS 4a *Leadcharly fell, laughterton24/Dec/08Burbage North
Green CrackVD *2ndcharly fell, laughterton24/Dec/08Burbage North
RingoS 4a *Leadcharly fell, laughterton24/Dec/08Burbage North
Sentinel Crack (Burbage North)D Leadcharly fell, laughterton24/Dec/08Burbage North
Stepped CrackM Leadcharly fell, laughterton24/Dec/08Burbage North
Right Twin CrackHVD 4a *2ndmarcus07/Dec/08Burbage North
Falstaff's CrackM 2ndmarcus07/Dec/08Burbage North
The ChimneyD 2ndcharly fell, laughterton07/Dec/08Burbage North
Cranberry WallVD 2ndcharly fell, laughterton30/Nov/08Burbage North
Cranberry CrackVD TRcharly fell, laughterton30/Nov/08Burbage North
BaselessHVD *2ndcharly fell, laughterton30/Nov/08Burbage North
Triangle Buttress AreteVD *TRcharly fell, laughterton30/Nov/08Burbage North
Triangle Buttress DirectHS 5a TRcharly fell, laughterton30/Nov/08Burbage North
SteptoeM Solo 30/Nov/08Burbage North
Left Recess CrackS 3c 2ndcharly fell, laughterton26/Nov/08Burbage North
PaddockHVD *2ndcharly fell, laughterton16/Nov/08Higgar Tor
GreymalkinS 4a *2ndcharly fell, laughterton16/Nov/08Higgar Tor
HecateHVD Solo 16/Nov/08Higgar Tor
Wotan's CrackS 4a TRcharly fell, laughterton16/Nov/08Higgar Tor
Dover's Wall, Route 1HS 4b *2ndcharly fell, laughterton12/Nov/08Stanage Popular
Dover's Wall, Route 4VS 4b *TRcharly fell, laughterton12/Nov/08Stanage Popular
The StaircaseHS 4b *TRjay..ravenshead10/Oct/08Burbage South Edge
The DrainpipeHS 4b **TRjay..ravenshead10/Oct/08Burbage South Edge
Roof RouteVS 4c **TRjay..ravenshead10/Oct/08Burbage South Edge
TriglyphVS 5a TRjay..ravenshead10/Oct/08Burbage South Edge
BeeVD *TRcup of tea kev09/Oct/08Stanage Popular
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