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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Cauldron CrackE3 5c *Lead O/Snathan lee17/Oct/14Millstone Edge
London PrideE5 6b **Lead O/Snathan lee17/Oct/14Millstone Edge
EdgetarianE4 5b **Solo RP 27/Sep/14Curbar Edge
Up the River Without a Paddle6c+ **Lead rptnathan lee02/Sep/14Chee Dale Lower
Old Man River7b **Lead RPnathan lee02/Sep/14Chee Dale Lower
Gathering SunE7 6c ***Lead RPnathan lee31/Aug/14Nesscliffe
Body Machine Direct7c+ ***Lead RPnathan lee30/Aug/14Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Pourquoi pas?7a+ ***Lead RPnathan lee20/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Mawoi6b+ *Lead βnathan lee20/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Mawoi L26c+ ***Lead βnathan lee20/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Retour en Afrique7a+ **Lead O/Snathan lee20/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Au Sud de Nulle Part7b+ **Lead O/Snathan lee20/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Blanches Fesses7c **Lead RPnathan lee19/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
La Citée du Dieu Perdu6b *Lead βnathan lee19/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
2001 - L'odyssée du Grimpeur7b **Lead O/Snathan lee19/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Ananda7a **Lead O/Snathan lee17/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
La Petite Illusion7a+ ***Lead O/Snathan lee16/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Super Mario6b **Lead O/Snathan lee16/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Bleu Comme L'enfer6c+ *Lead RPnathan lee16/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Le Vol du Pilatus6b+ *Lead O/Snathan lee15/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Aller en Chine7b ***Lead βnathan lee15/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Melody Nelson7a+ **Lead O/Snathan lee15/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Un Pont sur L'infini7a **Lead O/Snathan lee15/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Beau Mouvement sur Fond Bleu7a+ ***Lead βnathan lee13/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Noir sur Noir7a+ **Lead O/Snathan lee13/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Bibendum7b+ ***Lead βnathan lee13/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Douceur Candide6b+ *Lead O/Snathan lee13/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
San Johns Pecos7b+ **Lead βnathan lee12/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Cent Patates7b+ ***Lead βnathan lee12/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Angel Dust7a+ ***Lead βnathan lee12/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Silmarils6c *Lead βnathan lee12/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
La Javanaise7a ***Lead O/Snathan lee12/Aug/14Ceuse (Céüse)
Scoop WallE2 5c ***Leadandy elliot30/Jul/14Stoney Middleton
Virgin King7b **Leadandy elliot30/Jul/14Stoney Middleton
Succubus7b+ **Lead RPandy elliot28/Jul/14Chee Dale Lower
Whose Line is it Anyway?7a+ **Leadandy elliot28/Jul/14Chee Dale Lower
Martial Music7a **Leadandy elliot28/Jul/14Chee Dale Lower
SunaiE1 5b *2ndClare Reading26/Jul/14Staden Main Quarry
The NailsE1 5b **2ndClare Reading26/Jul/14Staden Main Quarry
Joint EffortHVS 5b ***2ndClare Reading26/Jul/14Staden Main Quarry
Cathy's ClownE2 5c **LeadClare Reading26/Jul/14Staden Main Quarry
Liquid CourageE1 5b **LeadClare Reading26/Jul/14Staden Main Quarry
Welcome to Hard Times Direct FinishE3 5c **LeadClare Reading26/Jul/14Staden Main Quarry
Supercrack7a ***Leadandy elliot24/Jul/14Lorry Park Quarry
Edge of Darkness6b+ **Leadandy elliot24/Jul/14Lorry Park Quarry
Shore Leave7a+ Leadandy elliot24/Jul/14Lorry Park Quarry
Thunder Road6c+ *Leadandy elliot24/Jul/14Lorry Park Quarry
Hell's Angels7b *Leadandy elliot24/Jul/14Lorry Park Quarry
Good Time Emporium7b *Lead rptandy elliot24/Jul/14Lorry Park Quarry
Pocket Rocket6c **LeadAdge Last, andy elliot21/Jul/14Masson Lees Quarry
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