24 entries in this logbook

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Corner Cracknone 4a Solo O/S04/Oct/08Happy Valley Rocks
Master of Mucknone 5a Solo O/S04/Oct/08Happy Valley Rocks
Just-Innone 3a Solo O/S20/Sep/08Happy Valley Rocks
Cleftnone 2b Solo O/S20/Sep/08Happy Valley Rocks
Red Snappernone 5b *TR rpt20/Sep/08Happy Valley Rocks
Stonefishnone 4c TR rpt20/Sep/08Happy Valley Rocks
Moraynone 4b TR rpt20/Sep/08Happy Valley Rocks
Going Turbotnone 5a TR rpt20/Sep/08Happy Valley Rocks
The Deadly Lampshadenone 3a Solo O/S14/Sep/08Happy Valley Rocks
The Buzzard Yearsnone 4a *Solo O/S14/Sep/08Happy Valley Rocks
Newman's ArÍtenone 4c **TR RP13/Sep/08Bulls Hollow Rocks
Centurion's Groovenone 4c **TR13/Sep/08Bulls Hollow Rocks
Geronimonone 4b TR RP???/2008Eridge Green Rocks
Cave Chimneynone 2b Solo O/S???/2008Eridge Green Rocks
Yoyonone 4a **TR O/S???/2008Bowles Rocks
Sing Singnone 3a TR O/S???/2008Bowles Rocks
Remusnone 4c **TR O/S???/2008Eridge Green Rocks
Remusnone 4c **TR???/2008Eridge Green Rocks
Hanging Cracknone 5a **-???/2008Eridge Green Rocks
Chalet Slab Leftnone 3b *-???/2008Bowles Rocks
Reclamation Slab Leftnone 3b *-???/2008Bowles Rocks
Reclamation Slab Rightnone 2b **-???/2008Bowles Rocks
Funnelnone 4a **-???/2008Bowles Rocks
Golden FleeceHS 4b **-???/2008Symonds Yat