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NameStyleDate Crag name
Cheese GratorSolo O/S16/Aug/11Nordic Rock
House MusicLead O/S16/Aug/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Lieback FlakeSolo16/Aug/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Gone to EuropeSolo O/S09/Aug/11Cal-Cheak
Prince Caspian's HorseSolo O/S09/Aug/11Cal-Cheak
Ground ControlLead dog09/Aug/11Cal-Cheak
Adventures of WhimLead dog09/Aug/11Cal-Cheak
Mood Swings leftLead O/S09/Aug/11Cal-Cheak
Boozy the ClownLead O/S09/Aug/11Cal-Cheak
ExasperatorLead O/S03/Aug/11Squamish Chief
Apron StringsLead O/S03/Aug/11Squamish Chief
The Swedish TouchLead O/S03/Aug/11Squamish Chief
A pitch in TimeLead O/S03/Aug/11Squamish Chief
The Sweedish TouchLead O/S03/Aug/11Squamish Chief
Orifice FishLead O/S02/Aug/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Heavenly LadderLead O/S02/Aug/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Joe's CrackLead O/S02/Aug/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Forgotten RealmLead O/S25/Jul/11Cheakamus Canyon
Rug MunchersLead O/S25/Jul/11Cheakamus Canyon
The Voodoo That You DoLead O/S25/Jul/11Cheakamus Canyon
Filth InfatuatedLead O/S25/Jul/11Cheakamus Canyon
Low ImpactLead O/S25/Jul/11Cheakamus Canyon
Creeping RightLead O/S25/Jul/11Cheakamus Canyon
Creepy CrawlersLead O/S25/Jul/11Cheakamus Canyon
The Incredible JourneyLead dog25/Jul/11Cheakamus Canyon
Totally ClipsLead O/S24/Jul/11Murrin Park
Wicker Cranium2nd O/S24/Jul/11Murrin Park
Poster BoyLead O/S24/Jul/11Murrin Park
A Little TestisLead O/S24/Jul/11Murrin Park
No Name RoadLead dog24/Jul/11Murrin Park
Pleasant PheasantLead O/S24/Jul/11Murrin Park
Catchin The Wave TrainLead dog19/Jul/11Suicide Bluffs
The Raven (short version)Lead O/S19/Jul/11Suicide Bluffs
April ShowersLead O/S19/Jul/11Suicide Bluffs
Night TrainLead RP19/Jul/11Suicide Bluffs
Pleasant PheasantLead dog17/Jul/11Murrin Park
Minutes From HomeLead dog14/Jul/11Nordic Rock
Paul's Crack2nd12/Jul/11Malamute
Slap and TickleLead O/S12/Jul/11Malamute
Overly Hanging OutLead O/S12/Jul/11Malamute
Cupola RebuffLead O/S08/Jul/11Cheakamus Canyon
Dark Don't LieLead O/S08/Jul/11Cheakamus Canyon
Savage BeagleLead O/S08/Jul/11Cheakamus Canyon
The Neutered BovineLead dog08/Jul/11Cheakamus Canyon
Face the MusicLead RP08/Jul/11Cheakamus Canyon
QuicksilverLead O/S04/Jul/11Nordic Rock
Elephant's Arse CrackLead27/Jun/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Sky DancingLead O/S27/Jun/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Climb and PunishmentLead O/S27/Jun/11Little Smoke Bluffs
Quarryman Direct FinishLead O/S27/Jun/11Little Smoke Bluffs