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NameStyleDate Crag name
NovaTR O/S19/May/12Lawrencefield
Nova2nd O/S19/May/12Lawrencefield
Bole HillLead O/S19/May/12Lawrencefield
Straight CrackLead O/S19/May/12Lawrencefield
Golden FleeceLead O/S08/Mar/12Symonds Yat
ArgonautLead O/S08/Mar/12Symonds Yat
PeacockLead O/S08/Mar/12Symonds Yat
The DruidLead O/S08/Mar/12Symonds Yat
Route Right of Root RouteLead O/S02/Mar/12Symonds Yat
Bull in a GatewayLead O/S02/Mar/12Symonds Yat
Root RouteLead O/S02/Mar/12Symonds Yat
CascadeLead O/S02/Mar/12Symonds Yat
Diamond GrooveLead O/S02/Mar/12Symonds Yat
Garlic2nd O/S28/Feb/12Symonds Yat
Babies Making ChoicesLead O/S28/Feb/12Symonds Yat
GibbonLead O/S28/Feb/12Symonds Yat
Jackal's ArÍteLead O/S28/Feb/12Symonds Yat
Hedgehog Sandwich2nd O/S28/Feb/12Symonds Yat
Snoozin' SuzieLead28/Feb/12Symonds Yat
A Right Carry On2nd O/S28/Feb/12Symonds Yat
B-B-B-Boon2nd O/S28/Feb/12Symonds Yat
SarcoptesTR O/S13/May/11Symonds Yat
Joyce's Route2nd O/S13/May/11Symonds Yat
PlopalotSolo O/S13/May/11Symonds Yat
MorpheusAltLd O/S28/Mar/11Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
GronkAltLd O/S28/Mar/11Avon Gorge (Sea Walls)
Direct Route2nd O/S10/Oct/10Dinas Mot
LorraineAltLd O/S10/Oct/10Dinas Mot
Cave WallLead O/S01/Sep/10Symonds Yat
Jackal's ArÍteLead O/S01/Sep/10Symonds Yat
Stumper2nd O/S01/Sep/10Symonds Yat
Garlic2nd O/S01/Sep/10Symonds Yat
GarlicSolo O/S01/Sep/10Symonds Yat
Jackal's GullyLead O/S01/Sep/10Symonds Yat
StumperLead O/S22/Aug/10Symonds Yat
Cave WallLead O/S22/Aug/10Symonds Yat
Victor CrackLead O/S22/Aug/10Symonds Yat
GarlicLead O/S22/Aug/10Symonds Yat
Pedestal RouteLead O/S09/Jul/10Wyndcliffe Quarry
Not the AreteLead O/S09/Jul/10Wyndcliffe Quarry
One Tooth Short of a SmileLead O/S09/Jul/10Wyndcliffe Quarry
Not the Return of Dr SquareHeadLead O/S09/Jul/10Wyndcliffe Quarry
DinofeverLead dog05/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
Home is where the URL is2nd O/S05/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
Rock JugglerLead O/S05/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
Mojo ManLead O/S05/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
Sea of ChangeLead O/S05/Jul/10Tintern Quarry
TrilobiteLead O/S28/May/10Tintern Quarry
Puffed Daddy2nd O/S28/May/10Tintern Quarry
Land of Hype and GloryLead O/S28/May/10Tintern Quarry