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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Bang-Bang 5b ** 2nd 09/Oct Dolphin Bay
Easyland 4a Lead 09/Oct Dolphin Bay
Poker Face 5a *** 2nd 09/Oct Ivory Tower
String 5c *** 2nd 08/Oct Summertime
Soupia the Great 5c *** 2nd 08/Oct Summertime
Ammos 5a ** Lead 08/Oct Summertime
Asterias 4c ** Lead 08/Oct Summertime
Thymian 4c Lead 08/Oct Summertime
Dog 4b * Lead 07/Oct North Cape
Mouse 4a * Lead 07/Oct North Cape
Mum 4b Lead 07/Oct North Cape
Sisyphus 5a ** 2nd 07/Oct Kastelli
Psomi ke Elies 4c * Lead 07/Oct Kastelli
Yahurti me Meli 4a * Lead 07/Oct Kastelli
Easy 5b Lead 06/Oct Pescatore
Maria 5a * Lead 06/Oct Irox
Evoula 4c * Lead 06/Oct Irox
Xrisostommos 5a ** Lead 06/Oct Miltiadis
To Kalokeri 5b * 2nd 06/Oct Miltiadis
I Dhiakopes 4c * Lead 06/Oct Miltiadis
Miltos 5a ** 2nd 06/Oct Miltiadis
Stone Bakery 5a 2nd 04/Oct Symplegades
Ego 5c 2nd 04/Oct Symplegades
Kleine Scheidegg 5a Lead 26/Sep Giggleswick South
Alpiglen 5c 2nd 26/Sep Giggleswick South