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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Pebble Wall Sit Startf7A Sent xBaz28/Sep/14Almscliff
Comedy7c ***Lead RPJordan27/Sep/14Kilnsey
Event Horizonf6C+ ***Sent xAndy H, Greg20/Sep/14Sampson's Stones
Axionsf7A+ **Sent xAndy H, Greg20/Sep/14Sampson's Stones
Steady Statef7B **Sent xAndy H, Greg20/Sep/14Sampson's Stones
The Light of Other Daysf7B *Sent xAndy H, Greg20/Sep/14Sampson's Stones
Stargazerf7B+ ***Sent xAndy H, Greg20/Sep/14Sampson's Stones
Quark Star (stand)f7B+ *Sent xAndy H, Greg20/Sep/14Sampson's Stones
Tachyonf7C **Sent xAndy H, Greg20/Sep/14Sampson's Stones
Quark Starf7C **Sent xAndy H, Greg20/Sep/14Sampson's Stones
Ferrino Sans PocketV11 **Sent xjay, Baz14/Sep/14Parisella's Cave
Vlad the Impalerf7C **Sent xjon d, EllaRus31/Aug/148 Day Rain
Silky Naturalf7A Sent βjon d, EllaRus31/Aug/14Rocklands
Sex Etiquettef6C+ Sent βjon d, EllaRus30/Aug/14Rocklands
Slash and Burnf7B Sent xjon d, EllaRus30/Aug/14Rocklands
Jawsf7C ***Sent xjon d, EllaRus30/Aug/14Rocklands
Hill Startf7A Sent βjon d, EllaRus29/Aug/14Rocklands
Weicheif7C+ Sent xjon d, EllaRus29/Aug/14Rocklands
Royksoppf8A Sent xjon d, EllaRus29/Aug/14Rocklands
Shadow of Ourselvesf7C Sent x 28/Aug/14Rocklands
White Mazda Clanf7C+ Sent xjon d, EllaRus26/Aug/14Rocklands
Vanityf7A+ ***Sent βEllaRus24/Aug/148 Day Rain
Crazy Legf7B ***Sent xEllaRus24/Aug/148 Day Rain
Taboof7C Sent xEllaRus24/Aug/148 Day Rain
Purple Nipple Clanf8A Sent xjon d, EllaRus22/Aug/14Rocklands
La Gloire des Papousf8A Sent xjon d, EllaRus22/Aug/14Rocklands
To Siemayf6C+ Sent βjon d, EllaRus21/Aug/14Rocklands
She's a Man Eaterf7A Sent βjon d, EllaRus21/Aug/14Rocklands
Un petit Hueco dans Rocklandsf7B+ ***Sent βjon d, EllaRus19/Aug/14Rocklands
An Amal Rooff7C Sent xjon d, EllaRus19/Aug/14Rocklands
Pinotagef7B+ ***Sent βjon d, EllaRus19/Aug/14Sassies
Pinotage Sitf7C+ ***Sent xjon d, EllaRus19/Aug/14Sassies
A Question of Balancef7B **Sent xjon d, EllaRus18/Aug/14Rocklands
Nutsaf8A ***Sent xjon d, EllaRus18/Aug/14Rocklands
Panic Roomf7B ***Sent xjon d, EllaRus17/Aug/14Rocklands
No Late Tendersf7C+ Sent xjon d, EllaRus17/Aug/14Rocklands
Mary's Rooff6B+ **Sent βjon d, EllaRus16/Aug/14Rocklands
Roof is on Firef6C Sent βjon d, EllaRus16/Aug/14Rocklands
Olli Dusentriebf6C+ Sent βjon d, EllaRus16/Aug/14Rocklands
Mannereheim Rooff6C+ **Sentjon d, EllaRus16/Aug/14Rocklands
When The Day Breaksf7B+ Sent βjon d, EllaRus16/Aug/14Rocklands
Last day in Paradisef7C Sent βjon d, EllaRus16/Aug/14Rocklands
Une Rime Stupidef7C+ Sent xjon d, EllaRus16/Aug/14Rocklands
Girl On Our Mindf6C Sent xjon d, EllaRus14/Aug/14Rocklands
Minkyf7B **Sent xjon d, EllaRus14/Aug/14Rocklands
Les Pieds Dans L'eauf7A+ Sent βjon d, EllaRus12/Aug/14Rocklands
Carolinef7C+ ***Sent xjon d, EllaRus11/Aug/14Rocklands
Sunset Aretef7C Sent xjon d, EllaRus11/Aug/14Rocklands
Sunset Traversef7A ***Sent xjon d, EllaRus11/Aug/14Rocklands
Illywacker7b+ **Lead RPjay, Baz, andy farnell27/Jul/14Giggleswick North
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