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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
SupersonicE5 6a ***Lead O/S04/Oct/15High Tor
Original RouteHVS 5a ***2nd β04/Oct/15High Tor
Mortlock's AreteE4 6a ***Lead O/S20/Sep/15Chee Dale Lower
Zippy's Direct Finish7b+ Lead RP19/Sep/15Chee Dale Lower
Robert BrownE3 5c **Lead rpt13/Sep/15High Tor
Lyme CrymeE3 5c ***Lead rpt13/Sep/15High Tor
Cordless Madness7c **Lead RP05/Sep/15Chee Dale Lower
Cry of Despair7c ***Lead RP27/Aug/15Chee Dale Lower
TealE2 5c Lead β23/Aug/15St Tudnos
Silent VoicesE2 5c Lead O/S23/Aug/15St Tudnos
The TorchE4 6a **Lead O/S23/Aug/15St Tudnos
Les Clowns7c ***Lead RP01/Jun/15Saint Leger
Roland Culet7b+ *Lead RP01/Jun/15Saint Leger
Nom de Bluye7a *Lead O/S01/Jun/15Saint Leger
La Fievre Spiteuse L17a ***Lead β??/Jun/15La Baleine, St Leger
Top Model L17a+ ***Lead β??/Jun/15La Baleine, St Leger
Vivre Libre6b+ Lead O/S??/Jun/15Saint Leger
Joe's Ballade7a+ **2nd β??/Jun/15Saint Leger
Les Jardins d'Hiver de Groucho6c *Lead O/S??/Jun/15Saint Leger
Maître Vautour6b+ **Lead O/S30/May/15Saint Leger
Le Linceul de Pénélope7b+ ***Lead RP30/May/15Saint Leger
Piedra Salvage6b+ ***Lead O/S30/May/15Saint Leger
Le Torcheur d'Éléphant6c+ ***Lead β30/May/15Saint Leger
Poulet Boulets7b ***Lead RP25/May/15Gorges du Loup
Diplodocus 16c ***Lead O/S25/May/15Gorges du Loup
La Resistance c'est Maintenant7c **Lead RP24/May/15Gorges du Loup
Petit Poucet7c+ *Lead RP20/May/15Gorges du Loup
Ca va merder7b+ **Lead RP20/May/15Gorges du Loup
Caligola7a Lead β??/May/15Castell Bianco, Albenga
Skimmia7b ***Lead RP??/May/15Val Pennavaire
Tolmachevo7a+ ***Lead RP??/May/15Castell Bianco, Albenga
Le Bourget6b Lead O/S??/May/15Castell Bianco, Albenga
La Guerre du Feu7b ***Lead RP??/May/15Peillon
Goupil6c ***Lead O/S??/May/15Peillon
Mathilde6b+ **Lead O/S??/May/15Peillon
Extention7a **Lead O/S26/Apr/15Gorges du Tarn
Déconnage Immédiat7a ***Lead O/S26/Apr/15Gorges du Tarn
Le Grand Pélérinage7c **Lead RP25/Apr/15Gorges du Tarn
Fuck the Curve7a+ **Lead β20/Apr/15Gorges du Tarn
Juste une Lame6c **Lead β20/Apr/15Gorges du Tarn
Moules Frites8a **Lead RP20/Apr/15Gorges du Tarn
Mécontence Mammouthale6c *Lead β18/Apr/15Gorges du Tarn
Bob le peteux6a+ Lead O/S17/Apr/15Gorges du Tarn
Time is Money6c ***Lead O/S15/Apr/15Gorges du Tarn
Serpent Cyclope6b *Lead β15/Apr/15Gorges du Tarn
Tarn is Business6c ***Lead O/S14/Apr/15Gorges du Tarn
La Puerta del Sol6c+ ***Lead β12/Apr/15Gorges du Tarn
Youpi l'école est Finie6a Lead O/S12/Apr/15Gorges du Tarn
Branli Branlo Branlette6b+ *Lead O/S12/Apr/15Gorges du Tarn
C 100 francs6c+ ***Lead β11/Apr/15Gorges du Tarn