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NameStyleDate Crag name
Colonel's AreteAltLd rpt14/Sep/13The Dewerstone
Tower CrackLead rpt14/Sep/13The Dewerstone
Climbers' Club OrdinaryLead rpt02/Sep/13The Dewerstone
Mushroom WallLead rpt26/Aug/13Sheeps Tor
Barking Crack2nd rpt26/Aug/13Sheeps Tor
Ivy BendLead O/S26/Aug/13Sheeps Tor
Needle AreteAltLd rpt24/Aug/13The Dewerstone
Portal2nd O/S24/Aug/13The Dewerstone
Fly On The WallAltLd rpt24/Aug/13The Dewerstone
Slanting Crack2nd rpt19/Aug/13Sheeps Tor
Crack & ChimneyLead rpt19/Aug/13Sheeps Tor
Omega Crack2nd rpt19/Aug/13Sheeps Tor
Overhang CrackLead rpt12/Aug/13Sheeps Tor
DandelionLead rpt12/Aug/13Sheeps Tor
Sheltered CrackSolo rpt12/Aug/13Sheeps Tor
Burdock2nd rpt12/Aug/13Sheeps Tor
LeviathanAltLd rpt03/Aug/13The Dewerstone
Reverse Cleft2nd rpt03/Aug/13The Dewerstone
VineyardAltLd rpt07/Jul/13The Dewerstone
ScorpionLead07/Jul/13The Dewerstone
Armada2nd rpt07/Jul/13The Dewerstone
Central GrooveLead rpt30/Jun/13The Dewerstone
Needle AreteLead rpt06/May/12The Dewerstone
Central GrooveLead rpt06/May/12The Dewerstone
32ATR O/S12/Sep/10Kangaroo Point
Lesbian Printshop WorkersTR rpt12/Sep/10Kangaroo Point
BombadilTR O/S07/Sep/10Kangaroo Point
Tiger's TailLead04/Sep/10Kangaroo Point
The Bee's KneesLead O/S29/Aug/10Kangaroo Point
The Hyena's Heinie VSLead O/S28/Aug/10Kangaroo Point
The Hyena's HeinieLead O/S28/Aug/10Kangaroo Point
The Trad RebellionLead O/S28/Aug/10Kangaroo Point
Pre Menstrual TendonsTR dog28/Aug/10Kangaroo Point
Idiot WindTR rpt21/Aug/10Kangaroo Point
Pass The BoschTR dog17/Aug/10Kangaroo Point
Tiger's TailTR O/S03/Aug/10Kangaroo Point
Mission ImpossibleTR O/S29/Jun/10Kangaroo Point
XXXXTR dnf29/Jun/10Kangaroo Point
Chip-a-Hold-AwayTR dog29/Jun/10Kangaroo Point
FrothTR dnf22/Jun/10Kangaroo Point
ManacubusTR O/S22/Jun/10Kangaroo Point
Wounded KneeTR O/S15/Jun/10Kangaroo Point
Radioactive Cheerio DTR dog15/Jun/10Kangaroo Point
PterodactylTR O/S08/Jun/10Kangaroo Point
Bloody OathTR O/S08/Jun/10Kangaroo Point
Moonlight FantasiaTR dog08/Jun/10Kangaroo Point
Idiot WindTR dnf08/Jun/10Kangaroo Point
Chip-a-Hold-AwayTR dnf25/May/10Kangaroo Point
Lesbian Printshop WorkersTR dog25/May/10Kangaroo Point
ZacTR O/S18/May/10Kangaroo Point