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27 climbs in this logbook

Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
Shallow Groovef5+ - ???/2011Hepburn
Short Crackf3 - ???/2011Hepburn
Long Crackf3 - ???/2011Hepburn
The Flakef3 - ???/2011Hepburn
North Facef6A - ???/2011Hepburn
Potty Training (LH finish)f6B - ???/2011Hepburn
Potty Trainingf6B+ **- ???/2011Hepburn
Lexi Aretef6B+ **- ???/2011Hepburn
Hard Reign (start only)f6A **- 08/Jul/10Back Bowden Doors
Magic Leapf6A+ - 08/Jul/10Back Bowden Doors
The Prowf6C **- 05/Jul/10Hepburn
The Wallf6B - 05/Jul/10Hepburn
Aretef6A - 05/Jul/10Hepburn
Fine Aretef6B - 05/Jul/10Hepburn
Darthf6C - ???/2010Back Bowden Doors
Underneath the Archesf6A - ???/2010Back Bowden Doors
Roof Problem RHf6B - ???/2010Hepburn
South Aretef6A+ - ???/2010Back Bowden Doors
Mantel Miserf6A+ - ???/2010Back Bowden Doors
Sharp Aretef6A+ - ???/2010Back Bowden Doors
Little Aretef6A+ - ???/2010Back Bowden Doors
Cave LH Problemf6B **- ???/2010Bowden Doors
Y-Frontf6A+ **- ???/2010Bowden Doors
Dog Eat Dogf7A **- ???/2010Bowden Doors
Shallow Groove Variationf5+ - ???/2010Hepburn
Smooth Operationf6A+ - ???/2010Hepburn
Roof Problem LHf6B - ???/2010Hepburn