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NameStyleDate Crag name
Heather WallLead rpt11/Apr/15Stanage Popular
ToggleSolo O/S11/Apr/15Stanage Popular
Niche Wall DirectLead O/S11/Apr/15Stanage Popular
EliminatorLead rpt11/Apr/15Stanage Popular
ScandiareteSent rpt07/Mar/15Birchen Edge
Fo'c'sle CrackSolo O/S07/Mar/15Birchen Edge
Tar's WallSolo O/S07/Mar/15Birchen Edge
Orpheus WallLead RP07/Mar/15Birchen Edge
Monument Gully Buttress2nd rpt07/Mar/15Birchen Edge
Whatknot?Solo O/S07/Mar/15Birchen Edge
Reef KnotSolo O/S07/Mar/15Birchen Edge
Sheet Bend (aka Sheep Bend)Solo O/S07/Mar/15Birchen Edge
Nautical CrackSolo O/S07/Mar/15Birchen Edge
Rum BreakSolo O/S07/Mar/15Birchen Edge
Stoker's BreakSolo O/S07/Mar/15Birchen Edge
Stoker's HoleSolo O/S07/Mar/15Birchen Edge
StokedSolo O/S07/Mar/15Birchen Edge
Stoker's WallSolo O/S07/Mar/15Birchen Edge
Trafalgar CrackSolo O/S25/Oct/14Birchen Edge
Orpheus WallLead dnf25/Oct/14Birchen Edge
Pillar WallSolo rpt25/Oct/14Birchen Edge
TopsailSolo rpt25/Oct/14Birchen Edge
Admiral's ProgressSolo O/S25/Oct/14Birchen Edge
Powder Monkey ParadeSolo rpt25/Oct/14Birchen Edge
Promenade DirectSolo O/S25/Oct/14Birchen Edge
The PromenadeSolo O/S25/Oct/14Birchen Edge
Helix DirectSolo O/S29/Sep/14Fishermans Ledge
Troubled WatersSolo O/S29/Sep/14Fishermans Ledge
Three Pebble SlabLead rpt21/Sep/14Froggatt Edge
Brown's EliminateLead rpt21/Sep/14Froggatt Edge
Tody's WallLead O/S21/Sep/14Froggatt Edge
North RoofSent x20/Sep/14Burbage North
Route 3Solo rpt20/Sep/14Burbage North
The CurseSolo β20/Sep/14Burbage North
Little PlumbSolo O/S20/Sep/14Burbage North
BaselessSolo O/S20/Sep/14Burbage North
Triangle Buttress AreteSolo O/S20/Sep/14Burbage North
Triangle Buttress DirectSolo O/S20/Sep/14Burbage North
Triangle Buttress Direct StartSolo O/S20/Sep/14Burbage North
Triangle CrackSolo O/S20/Sep/14Burbage North
Leaning Wall DirectSolo O/S20/Sep/14Burbage North
Slanting GullySolo O/S20/Sep/14Burbage North
The Bones of GoramLead O/S03/Aug/14Brean Down (Fort Crags)
Blind Man's Paradox2nd RP03/Aug/14Brean Down (Fort Crags)
RetardisLead O/S03/Aug/14Brean Down (Fort Crags)
Black ComedyLead O/S03/Aug/14Brean Down (Fort Crags)
Pothole Wall2nd rpt06/Jun/14Willersley Castle Rocks
Cucumber GrooveLead O/S06/Jun/14Willersley Castle Rocks
Militant TendenciesLead dnf15/Mar/14Raven Crag (Walthwaite)
Walthwaite GullyLead O/S15/Mar/14Raven Crag (Walthwaite)