37 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
Thirty Something2nd β13/May/08Whiteheugh Crag
Whispering Grass2nd β13/May/08Whiteheugh Crag
Whiteheugh Corner2nd β13/May/08Whiteheugh Crag
The Tower OrdinaryLead O/S11/May/08Padda Crag
The Tower CrackLead O/S11/May/08Padda Crag
Muleskinner2nd β11/May/08Padda Crag
One-eyed JackLead O/S11/May/08Padda Crag
Teton2nd β11/May/08Padda Crag
Ojibwa2nd β11/May/08Padda Crag
The Bleating of the Lambs2nd β10/May/08Howlerhirst Crag
Short Wall2nd β10/May/08Howlerhirst Crag
Sharpshooter2nd β05/May/08Curtis Crag
Pop Gun2nd β05/May/08Curtis Crag
Butt2nd β05/May/08Curtis Crag
Glorious 12th2nd β05/May/08Curtis Crag
Above Suspicion2nd β05/May/08Curtis Crag
Problem 18Sent O/S16/Mar/08Shaftoe Crags
Problem 19Sent O/S16/Mar/08Shaftoe Crags
Mrs Mops Problem 41Sent O/S16/Mar/08Shaftoe Crags
Mrs Mops Problem 42Sent O/S16/Mar/08Shaftoe Crags
Mrs Mops Problem 43Sent O/S16/Mar/08Shaftoe Crags
UnderbellySent O/S16/Mar/08Shaftoe Crags
Problem 18Sent O/S16/Mar/08Shaftoe Crags
Problem 21Sent O/S16/Mar/08Shaftoe Crags
Problem 22Sent O/S16/Mar/08Shaftoe Crags
CornerSent β16/Mar/08Shaftoe Crags
Problem 48Sent O/S16/Mar/08Shaftoe Crags
Cob AreteSent O/S16/Mar/08Shaftoe Crags
PortSent x16/Mar/08Shaftoe Crags
Pillar CracksTR O/S19/Sep/04Troy Quarry
Sounder Right-handTR O/S19/Sep/04Troy Quarry
Cracked WallTR O/S19/Sep/04Troy Quarry
Bob the GobTR O/S19/Sep/04Troy Quarry
One Way StreetTR O/S19/Sep/04Troy Quarry
Open SesameTR O/S19/Sep/04Troy Quarry
Flake and GrooveTR O/S17/Jun/04Round Barn Quarry
Red Rose WallTR O/S17/Jun/04Round Barn Quarry