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NameStyleDate Crag name
Grizzly AreteSent18/Jan/15Robin Hood's Stride
The CaptainSent04/Jan/15Froggatt Edge
BeautySent06/Dec/14Stanage North
Fallen ArchangelSent06/Dec/14Stanage North
Bin Laden's CaveSent05/May/14Gardoms Edge
Dirty BusinessSent05/May/14Gardoms Edge
Ousal HighSent24/Apr/14Ousal Crag (Lower Churnet)
Brad's Block HighSent04/Apr/14Clifftop Boulders
OriginalSent04/Apr/14Clifftop Boulders
Dry Wit in a Wet CountrySent16/Mar/14Robin Hood's Stride
Art of JapanSent15/Mar/14Curbar Edge
Sing A RainbowSent12/Mar/14Carrock Fell crag
Fast Cars & Camper VansSent12/Mar/14Carrock Fell crag
Badger AttackSent12/Mar/14Carrock Fell crag
Pull Your WeightSent12/Mar/14Carrock Fell crag
Forked Lightning CrackSent11/Mar/14Caley Crags
Ben's GrooveSent11/Mar/14Caley Crags
Ape DrapeSent07/Mar/14Froggatt Edge
Renegade BulgeSent07/Mar/14Froggatt Edge
Seams Simple EnoughSent07/Mar/14Curbar Edge
Joe's ArÍteSent25/Feb/14Froggatt Edge
Oedipus TraverseSent25/Feb/14Froggatt Edge
LeggitSent25/Feb/14Froggatt Edge
Black Chipper AreteSent10/Feb/14Brimham Rocks
Too DrunkSent17/Dec/13Roaches Upper Tier
The Attitude InspectorSent03/Dec/13Burbage South Edge
Low SlungSent02/Dec/13Cratcliffe Tor
Nigel's ProblemSent14/Nov/13Secret Garden
Walnut Whip-14/Nov/13Secret Garden
The Harder Side-14/Nov/13Secret Garden
Ben's WallSent23/Oct/13Robin Hood's Stride
The Yoghurt HypnotistSent01/Oct/13Rowtor Rocks
Seal TraverseSent01/Oct/13Rowtor Rocks
Kermit's Ears (Sit Start)Sent01/Oct/13Rowtor Rocks
The Line (Jump Start)Sent01/Oct/13Rowtor Rocks
Cute BumSent01/Oct/13Rowtor Rocks
T CrackSent28/Sep/13Cratcliffe Tor
Diamond Slab RightSent28/Sep/13Robin Hood's Stride
Diamond Slab LeftSent28/Sep/13Robin Hood's Stride
Concave CrimperSent28/Sep/13Robin Hood's Stride
Smoke ont' Water StartSent14/Sep/13Curbar Edge
Baron's DirectSent14/Sep/13Curbar Edge
Mark's RoofSent08/Sep/13Gardoms Edge
Pogle's WoodSent05/Sep/13Gardoms Edge
Soft GrooveSent05/Sep/13Gardoms Edge
Square Cut FaceSent01/Sep/13Newstones
Left AreteSent01/Sep/13Newstones
Wall and MonoSent01/Sep/13Newstones
The Grinding SloperSent01/Sep/13Newstones
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