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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Christmas Curry / Micah Eliminate HS 4b *** - 05/Apr/15 Craig Bwlch y Moch (Tremadog)
Fishers Folly VS 4c *** - 27/Apr/13 Shepherds Crag
Ardus MVS 4b *** - 27/Apr/13 Shepherds Crag
October Crack VS 4c * - 23/Sep/12 Curbar Edge
P.M.C.1 HS 4a *** - 23/Sep/12 Curbar Edge
Seams the Same E1 5b ** - 09/Sep/12 Serengeti
Seamstress VS 4c ** - 09/Sep/12 Serengeti
Twin Crack Corner VS 4b ** - 01/Sep/12 Standing Stones
Route 1 HS 4b *** 2nd O/S 01/Sep/12 Wimberry Rocks
Mississippi Buttress Direct VS 4c *** 2nd 26/Aug/12 Stanage Popular
Heaven Crack VD *** 2nd 26/Aug/12 Stanage Popular
Verandah Pillar HS 4b * 2nd 26/Aug/12 Stanage Popular
Shocks and Stares VS 4b ** 2nd ?/Aug/12 Neist
Long Chimney HVD ** 2nd 29/Jul/12 Almscliff
Fluted Columns HVD 3c *** 2nd 29/Jul/12 Almscliff
Square Chimney & Whisky Crack VS 4b ** 2nd 29/Jul/12 Almscliff
Cheese Wedge S 4a - 05/Jun/12 East Woodburn
Stilton VD - 05/Jun/12 East Woodburn
The Plonka S 4a ** 2nd 04/Jun/12 Corby's Crag
Black and Tan S 4c ** - 03/Jun/12 Bowden Doors
The Scoop VS 4c ** - 03/Jun/12 Bowden Doors
Grovel Groove S 4a ** - 03/Jun/12 Bowden Doors
Flake Crack S 4b * - 03/Jun/12 Bowden Doors
Sue Direct HVS 5b - 03/Jun/12 Bowden Doors
Castle Crack HVD *** - 03/Jun/12 Bowden Doors