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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
GargoyleHS 4b 2nd O/SEd??/Mar/10Shorn Cliff
The Iron CurtainVS 4c *Lead O/SEd??/Mar/10Shorn Cliff
Temporary TruceVS 4c *2nd O/SEd??/Mar/10Shorn Cliff
The Laughing CavaliersHVS 5a ***Lead O/S ??/Mar/10Shorn Cliff
Arch SlabVS 4c **LeadEd27/Feb/10Three Cliffs Bay
East RidgeVD 3c **AltLd O/SEd27/Feb/10Great Tor
AyeshaVS 4c 2ndEd27/Feb/10Boiler Slab
Red Rose SpeedwayHVS 5a ***LeadRomain??/Sep/09Symonds Yat
Snoozin' SuzieVD **LeadRomain??/Sep/09Symonds Yat
Cod liver oil6b *TRRomain17/Aug/09Crag X Gilwern Hill
Glucosamine & Chondroitin6c **TRRomain17/Aug/09Crag X Gilwern Hill
Give Me LightE1 5c Sent rpt ??/Aug/09Huntsham Crags
Idiot Village6a+ *Lead O/SRomain28/Jun/09Winspit
Rampant Love Jugs6a+ *Lead dnf 28/Jun/09Winspit
Post-coital Snooze6a *Lead 28/Jun/09Winspit
Consommé6a+ **Lead 27/Jun/09The Cuttings
Rusty the Red Neck TakesOne for the Team6a+ *Lead 27/Jun/09The Cuttings
Two Fingers6a *Lead 27/Jun/09The Cuttings
Amen Corner5a *Lead 27/Jun/09The Cuttings
SentinelS 4a Lead O/SRomain20/Jun/09Symonds Yat
Slidewater Shuffle (1)VS 4b Lead O/SRomain20/Jun/09Symonds Yat
Tea on a Rainy DayVD 4a *Lead O/SRomain20/Jun/09Symonds Yat
Blood BrotherHS 4a Lead O/SRomain??/Jun/09Symonds Yat
Matchstick ManHVS 5a *Lead RPRomain??/Jun/09Symonds Yat
Top Cat6a+ *Lead ??/May/09Tintern Quarry
Un pobre infeliz4c ***2ndSimon??/Mar/09Valle de Abdalajis
Supertrepaero3+ LeadSimon??/Mar/09Valle de Abdalajis
Tower RidgeIV 3 ***2nd dnfMike Scott???/2009Ben Nevis
Cheesy Flaps5a LeadRomain???/2009Barland Quarry
Don't Jis on my Sofa6a+ LeadRomain???/2009Barland Quarry
Jap's Eye6a+ LeadRomain???/2009Barland Quarry
Martyn & Gordon Go Large6a+ Lead ???/2009Tintern Quarry
Creation4c Lead ???/2009Tintern Quarry
Virtual Reality4a Lead ???/2009Tintern Quarry
Leaping Libidos6a+ Lead ???/2009Tintern Quarry
Word Perfect4c Lead ???/2009Tintern Quarry
Candy Flip (2)5c Lead ???/2009Tintern Quarry
Karanga6c Lead dog ???/2009Tintern Quarry
Vice or Virtue6b *Lead ???/2009Tintern Quarry
TwixVS 4c *TR ???/2009Huntsham Crags
The FlakesE1 5c Sent ???/2009Huntsham Crags
The Jugsf4+ Sent ???/2009Huntsham Crags
The Scoopf6A **Sent ???/2009Huntsham Crags
Satellite Wallf5 *Sent ???/2009Huntsham Crags
Give Me LightE1 5c Sent ???/2009Huntsham Crags
Superpotencia6a **2nd ???/2009Frontalas Bajas
Mas potencia6a+ **2nd ???/2009Frontalas Bajas
Prepotencia6b *2nd ???/2009Frontalas Bajas
Irmchen 6b6a+ **2nd ???/2009Frontalas Bajas
Welcome to El Chorro5c **Lead ???/2009Frontales Medias
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