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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Bat Route 8c *** Lead RP 15/Oct Malham Cove
The Devil's Slide HS 4a *** Solo 08/Sep Lundy
Mal de Mer E4 6a *** 2nd 08/Sep Lundy
Ex-Cathedra E6 6a *** Lead O/S 08/Sep Lundy
Cithaeron E4 6a *** 2nd 08/Sep Lundy
Supernova E5 6b *** Lead O/S 08/Sep Lundy
Antiworlds E5 6a *** 2nd 08/Sep Lundy
Diamond Solitaire VS 4c ** Lead 08/Sep Lundy
The Cullinan E5 6a *** Lead β 08/Sep Lundy
Diamond Crack VS 5a * Lead 08/Sep Lundy
The Exorcist (Flying Buttress) VS 5b Lead 08/Sep Lundy
Supercharged E5 6a ** 2nd 08/Sep Lundy
The Price of Admission E6 6b *** Lead 08/Sep Lundy
The Indy 500 E1 5b *** Lead O/S 08/Sep Lundy
Wolfman Jack E3 5c *** Lead O/S 08/Sep Lundy
Venus Flytrap E2 5c *** 2nd 08/Sep Lundy
Cordless Madness 7c ** Lead RP 24/Aug Chee Dale Lower
Unleashing the Wild Physique 8a *** Lead RP 17/Aug Chee Dale Lower
Groovy Baby 8a ** Lead RP 13/Aug Malham Cove
Brick 7c+ *** Lead RP 06/Aug Brin Rock
Maxwell House 7b+ * Lead RP 27/Jul Chee Dale Upper
Max to the Wall 7a+ ** Lead O/S 27/Jul Chee Dale Upper
Cosmopolitan 7b+ ** Lead RP 26/Jul Chee Dale Lower
Midnight Summer Dream E5 6a ** Lead RP 26/Jul Chee Dale Lower
Flow 8a+ ** - 25/Jul Chee Dale Upper