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NameStyleDate Crag name
Captain LethargyLead O/S29/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Rocking Stone GullyLead O/S29/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Prow CracksLead β29/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Corner CracksLead β29/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Prow CornerLead β29/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Sifta's QuidLead β29/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Crimpy WallSent O/S28/May/11Roaches Upper Tier
Big 'OlesSent O/S28/May/11Roaches Upper Tier
Pine AreteSent O/S28/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
ArchSent O/S28/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Up ChipsSent O/S28/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Pine SlabSent O/S28/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Boss SlabSent O/S28/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Black Nook AreteSent O/S28/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Black Nook SlabSent O/S28/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Classic AreteSent O/S28/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Big Block AreteSent β28/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Big Block GullySent β28/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Slab 2Sent O/S28/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Blister's SisterSent β28/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Blister SlabSent x28/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Back Slab RightSent x28/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Left SlabSent O/S28/May/11Roaches Lower Tier
Two TanksTR dog20/Oct/10La Gorgette
Full BatteryLead O/S20/Oct/10La Gorgette
NatouLead dog20/Oct/10La Gorgette
En Attendant les LentsAltLd dnf19/Mar/10Al Hamra Towers
Slab RightAltLd O/S12/Feb/10Commando Slab
Trooper's CrackAltLd O/S12/Feb/10Commando Slab
Sharp's the WordLead β19/Jan/10Little Gem Buttress
Little Gem2nd rpt19/Jan/10Little Gem Buttress
Krak des ChevaliersTR β16/Jan/10Khubrah Canyon
MalacaraTR β16/Jan/10Khubrah Canyon
Yummy MommyTR rpt16/Jan/10Khubrah Canyon
RedcurrantLead rpt15/Jan/10Red Rock
Red GullyTR rpt15/Jan/10Red Rock
Little Red RoosterTR rpt15/Jan/10Red Rock
A Few Dollars MoreTR β09/Dec/09Khubrah Canyon
Crack the RipperLead O/S09/Dec/09Khubrah Canyon
Novotel NomadLead rpt24/Nov/09Ruwi Slab
Al Falaj Corner2nd rpt24/Nov/09Ruwi Slab
Sharp's the Word2nd β20/Nov/09Little Gem Buttress
The Quattro ManAltLd O/S20/Nov/09Little Gem Buttress
Little GemLead O/S20/Nov/09Little Gem Buttress
Topiary2nd β12/Nov/09Telegraph Buttress
Jack HornerLead O/S12/Nov/09Telegraph Buttress
The Janus LinkLead O/S12/Nov/09Telegraph Buttress
Grey Slab CrackLead β12/Nov/09Telegraph Buttress
Look No RopeLead β16/Oct/09Wadi Maih Roadside
Cowbell GrooveLead O/S16/Oct/09Wadi Maih Roadside