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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
October CrackHS 4b *2nd O/S19/Apr/15Curbar Edge
Bel AmiVS 4b **2nd O/S19/Apr/15Curbar Edge
Slab RouteS 4a *2nd O/S19/Apr/15Curbar Edge
Hard ShoulderHS 4b *TR rpt11/Mar/15Markfield Quarry
CrownS Lead rpt11/Mar/15Markfield Quarry
Gorse SlabVD Solo rpt11/Mar/15Markfield Quarry
Just RightVD Solo rpt11/Mar/15Markfield Quarry
Babbies BottomS **Solo rpt11/Mar/15Markfield Quarry
Tennis ShoeHS 4b **AltLd O/S28/Sep/14Idwal Slabs (aka Cwm Idwal)
Grooved ArÍteHVD 4a ***AltLd O/S27/Sep/14Tryfan (East Face)
Direct RouteVD ***AltLd O/S26/Sep/14Milestone Buttress
Black CrackVS 4c *2nd O/S18/Jul/14Black Rocks
Central ButtressHVD 3c ***2nd O/S18/Jul/14Black Rocks
It's a CrackerS 4b *2nd rpt26/May/14Stanage North
Straight CrackHS 4b *2nd rpt26/May/14Stanage North
Duo Crack ClimbVD *Lead O/S26/May/14Stanage North
Cave ButtressS 4b **Lead rpt26/May/14Stanage North
Jeepers CreepersHVS 5b **2nd O/S26/May/14Stanage North
Mantelshelf ClimbVD *2nd rpt26/May/14Stanage North
High Neb ButtressVS 4c ***2nd rpt26/May/14Stanage North
The GullyD Solo rpt14/May/14Beacon Hill
StarlightHS 4b Solo rpt14/May/14Beacon Hill
Forest WallVD Solo rpt14/May/14Beacon Hill
Forest slabsD Solo rpt14/May/14Beacon Hill
PropVD Solo rpt14/May/14Beacon Hill
Is There A Better WayS 4a Solo rpt14/May/14Beacon Hill
MarineD Solo rpt14/May/14Beacon Hill
FireS 4a Solo rpt14/May/14Beacon Hill
ShaftD Solo rpt14/May/14Beacon Hill
Outside WallS 4a Solo rpt14/May/14Beacon Hill
BowVD Solo rpt14/May/14Beacon Hill
Chequered SlabVS 4c **TR O/S30/Apr/14Markfield Quarry
Left EdgeVD Solo rpt30/Apr/14Markfield Quarry
Black SlabVD Solo rpt30/Apr/14Markfield Quarry
Grey SlabS Solo rpt30/Apr/14Markfield Quarry
Gorse SlabVD Solo rpt30/Apr/14Markfield Quarry
Just RightVD Solo rpt30/Apr/14Markfield Quarry
Babbies BottomS **Solo rpt30/Apr/14Markfield Quarry
Pious FlakeS 4b 2nd O/S23/Nov/13Rivelin Edge
Jonathan's ChimneyHS 4b *2nd rpt23/Nov/13Rivelin Edge
Croton OilHVS 5a ***Lead rpt23/Nov/13Rivelin Edge
Scarlett's ChimneyHS 4b *Lead O/S23/Nov/13Rivelin Edge
Kremlin KrackHVS 5a **2nd O/S23/Nov/13Rivelin Edge
Rivelin SlabM 2nd O/S23/Nov/13Rivelin Edge
Flake-QuakeS *2nd O/S22/Sep/13Saddle Head
UrchinS 4a *Lead O/S22/Sep/13Saddle Head
Blue SkyVS 4b ***2nd rpt22/Sep/13Saddle Head
Stennis AreteHS 4b *AltLd dog22/Sep/13Stennis Head
Follow the ChalkHS 4b *Lead O/S21/Sep/13Saddle Head
Small BeginningsVD *2nd O/S21/Sep/13Saddle Head