38 entries in this logbook

NameStyleDate Crag name
TigerSent x??/May/09Burbage South Valley Boulders
The TraverseSent x??/Feb/09Badger Rock
Problem 2Sent O/S??/Feb/09Badger Rock
Problem 3Sent O/S??/Feb/09Badger Rock
Problem 4Sent O/S??/Feb/09Badger Rock
Problem 5Sent O/S??/Feb/09Badger Rock
Problem 6Sent x??/Feb/09Badger Rock
Problem 7Sent O/S??/Feb/09Badger Rock
Problem 8Sent O/S??/Feb/09Badger Rock
Problem 9Sent O/S??/Feb/09Badger Rock
Problem 10Sent O/S??/Feb/09Badger Rock
LaybackSent O/S??/Feb/09Badger Rock
Bottom AreteSent O/S??/Feb/09Badger Rock
The ScoopSent x??/Feb/09Badger Rock
Problem 15Sent O/S??/Feb/09Badger Rock
Problem 21Sent x??/Feb/09Badger Rock
North ClimbLead O/S??/Jan/09Froggatt Edge
Sunset SlabLead O/S??/Jan/09Froggatt Edge
GammaLead O/S??/Jan/09Froggatt Edge
Allen's SlabLead O/S??/Jan/09Froggatt Edge
Shark's FinSent x26/Dec/08Ramshaw Rocks
Henry (Boulder problem #2)Sent O/S??/Oct/08Black Rocks
TrevorSent O/S??/Oct/08Black Rocks
Toby (Boulder problem #4)Sent O/S??/Oct/08Black Rocks
Gordon (Boulder problem #5)Sent O/S??/Oct/08Black Rocks
Edward (Boulder problem #6)Sent O/S??/Oct/08Black Rocks
Route 2 Left HandSent O/S??/Oct/08Black Rocks
Route 2 (Slab problem #1)Sent O/S??/Oct/08Black Rocks
Island of Sodor (Slab problem #2)Sent O/S??/Oct/08Black Rocks
Route 1 (Slab problem #3)Sent O/S??/Oct/08Black Rocks
Duck (Slab problem #4)Sent O/S??/Oct/08Black Rocks
DiagonalSent O/S??/Oct/08Black Rocks
Not to be Taken AwaySent x??/Aug/08Stanage Plantation
Pebble FaceSent O/S??/Aug/08Stanage Plantation
Pebble FlakesSent O/S??/Aug/08Stanage Plantation
Pebble AreteSent O/S??/Aug/08Stanage Plantation
Pebble Arete Left-handSent x??/Aug/08Stanage Plantation
Pebble LedgesSent O/S??/Aug/08Stanage Plantation