633 entries in this logbook (showing 1-50)

NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Hydrophobiaf5 Sent01/May/15The Hydro Boulders
Hydromaticf6B+ **Sent01/May/15The Hydro Boulders
Right Edgef3 Sent01/May/15The Hydro Boulders
Left Edgef3 Sent01/May/15The Hydro Boulders
Integrityf5+ Sent01/May/15The Hydro Boulders
Pockets And Flakesf5 Sent30/Apr/15The Hydro Boulders
Full Frontalf5+ Sent30/Apr/15The Hydro Boulders
Bridget Bardotf5+ *Sent30/Apr/15The Hydro Boulders
Electricityf6C *Sent30/Apr/15The Hydro Boulders
Pulling The Plugf6A Sent30/Apr/15The Hydro Boulders
Slab Right Handf2 Sent30/Apr/15The Hydro Boulders
Slab Centralf2 Sent30/Apr/15The Hydro Boulders
Slab Left Handf2 Sent30/Apr/15The Hydro Boulders
Warm Up SlabV0+ *Sent29/Apr/15Angel Bay
Warm Up Slab Return LapV1 *Sent29/Apr/15Angel Bay
Problem 2V1 Sent29/Apr/15Angel Bay
Travel LightV4 *Sent29/Apr/15Angel Bay
The BulgeV4 **Sent29/Apr/15Angel Bay
Pocket WallV4 **Sent29/Apr/15Angel Bay
The CrackV0- **Sent29/Apr/15Angel Bay
The Descent CrackV0- **Sent29/Apr/15Angel Bay
HP DirectV3 **Sent29/Apr/15Angel Bay
The Undercut ProblemV2 **Sent29/Apr/15Angel Bay
Problem 22V0 Sent29/Apr/15Angel Bay
Problem 23V1 *Sent29/Apr/15Angel Bay
Problem 24V0 *Sent29/Apr/15Angel Bay
Problem 25V2 *Sent29/Apr/15Angel Bay
Pull Overf6A+ Sent28/Apr/15Cromlech boulders
The eagle has landedf6A Sent23/Apr/15Craig Y Llwyfan
NASA sit startf7A+ **Sent23/Apr/15Craig Y Llwyfan
NASAV6 **Sent23/Apr/15Craig Y Llwyfan
The Three Billy Goats Gruff.V0 4c Sent22/Apr/15Glyder Path Boulders
the Trouty dynoV2 Sent22/Apr/15Idwal Cottage Crag
Trout PoutV2 Sent22/Apr/15Idwal Cottage Crag
CrackerV3 *Sent22/Apr/15Idwal Cottage Crag
The ScoopV3 *Sent22/Apr/15Idwal Cottage Crag
NWB P5V1 **Sent22/Apr/15Idwal Cottage Crag
NWB P12V1 **Sent22/Apr/15Idwal Cottage Crag
NWB P13V3 Sent22/Apr/15Idwal Cottage Crag
TroutyV2 *Sent22/Apr/15Idwal Cottage Crag
Trouty RighthandV2 *Sent22/Apr/15Idwal Cottage Crag
NWB P17V4 *Sent22/Apr/15Idwal Cottage Crag
Francois Le PenV2 *Sent22/Apr/15Idwal Cottage Crag
Trouty Righthand ExtensionV3 *Sent22/Apr/15Idwal Cottage Crag
SlideshowV3 *Sent22/Apr/15Idwal Cottage Crag
Cwm Deli With MeV3 Sent21/Apr/15Cwm Dyli Boulders
Problem 1, Boulder 1V0- *Sent21/Apr/15Cwm Dyli Boulders
Problem 2, Boulder 1V0 *Sent21/Apr/15Cwm Dyli Boulders
Problem 3, Boulder1V0+ *Sent21/Apr/15Cwm Dyli Boulders
Problem 11V4 *Sent21/Apr/15Cwm Dyli Boulders