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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
Woo f5 Sent 25/Nov RAC boulders
Twitter f5 Sent 25/Nov RAC boulders
If carlsberg made finger jugs f6A+ Sent 25/Oct Carreg Wastad
50 Not Out f6C Sent 25/Oct Carreg Wastad
The les Paul finish. f7A ** Sent 20/Oct BWTRES BACH
British rail f4 * Sent 20/Oct BWTRES BACH
Stratocaster f7A ** - 19/Oct BWTRES BACH
Telecaster f6B * - 19/Oct BWTRES BACH
On the pull f5 - 19/Oct BWTRES BACH
Mini me f5 - 19/Oct BWTRES BACH
Energy failure. f6C * Sent 11/Oct Carreg Wastad
Wastad youth f6B Sent 11/Oct Carreg Wastad
Minorsaur f7A * Sent 11/Oct Carreg Wastad
Megasaur f6C+ * - 08/Oct Carreg Wastad
Rootnin' an' a tootnin' f6A - 04/Oct Cromlech boulders
Sue f7A+ ** - 02/Oct Cromlech boulders
Sequin traverse f6C - 06/Sep Pont y Gromlech Slabs
The wonderful life of Walter gritty f6C Sent 15/Aug Wavelength Boulders
James blunt f6C * Sent 09/Aug Cromlech boulders
Iraq no phobia! f6C * - 05/Aug Cromlech boulders
Arachnophobia right hand variation f6A+ * - 05/Aug Cromlech boulders
Lower tier traverse - right to left V1 * - 28/Jul Bodafon Buttress
Nicotine gum f6B * Sent 24/May Cwm Glas Bach Boulders
Bleached whale f6A - 17/May Cwm Glas Bach Boulders
Monopoly f6C - 17/May Cwm Glas Bach Boulders