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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
up Pompeiif6A -04/Jul/15Snowdon lady boulders
Jug Aretef5+ -04/Jul/15Snowdon lady boulders
Juggy Noughtf6B+ *-04/Jul/15Snowdon lady boulders
Particlef6A -04/Jul/15Snowdon lady boulders
Particlesf5+ -04/Jul/15Snowdon lady boulders
Tippy Toesf6B+ *-04/Jul/15Snowdon lady boulders
Dark Energyf6B+ **-30/Jun/15Snowdon lady boulders
Dark Chocolate.f5 -30/Jun/15Snowdon lady boulders
Boom.f5 -30/Jun/15Snowdon lady boulders
Tricksy Little Monkeyf6A+ -30/Jun/15Snowdon lady boulders
Smoovf6B *-30/Jun/15Snowdon lady boulders
Jack Sprattf6B -30/Jun/15Snowdon lady boulders
Pyg Bagf6A Sent10/Jun/15The pyg track boulders
Pyggy Bankf6A Sent10/Jun/15The pyg track boulders
Dirty Pygf6A Sent10/Jun/15The pyg track boulders
Filthy Pygf6A Sent10/Jun/15The pyg track boulders
Greedy Pygf6C+ Sent09/Jun/15The pyg track boulders
Pygswillf6A Sent09/Jun/15The pyg track boulders
Pygs In Spacef6B *Sent09/Jun/15The pyg track boulders
peppa pygf6C *Sent09/Jun/15The pyg track boulders
Pyg Styf4+ Sent09/Jun/15The pyg track boulders
Pyg Tailsf5 Sent09/Jun/15The pyg track boulders
Little Pygf4+ Sent09/Jun/15The pyg track boulders
This little pyggy went to market.f6C Sent09/Jun/15The pyg track boulders
The Crucifixf6C+ *Sent07/Jun/15The Peris Boulder
Go Daddy Gof6B+ Sent07/Jun/15The Peris Boulder
Wombatzf6C+ **Sent03/Jun/15The Peris Boulder
Cuckoof5 Sent03/Jun/15The Peris Boulder
Lip Up Fattyf6A *Sent03/Jun/15The Peris Boulder
Cloudyf5 Sent03/Jun/15The Peris Boulder
Trot onf6A+ Sent02/Jun/15Vagabond Boulder
Trotsky traversef6B+ Sent02/Jun/15Vagabond Boulder
Copoutf6B+ Sent02/Jun/15Vagabond Boulder
Dorsal Finf6A+ **Sent28/May/15Nant Peris Circuit Boulders
Flexf5 Sent28/May/15Nant Peris Circuit Boulders
Pound To Pocketsf6A Sent28/May/15Nant Peris Circuit Boulders
High Steppaf5 Sent28/May/15Nant Peris Circuit Boulders
Give Me A Breakf6A Sent28/May/15Nant Peris Circuit Boulders
Winch For The Pinchf6B+ *Sent28/May/15Nant Peris Circuit Boulders
Afterthoughtf5 Sent28/May/15Nant Peris Circuit Boulders
The pumice stonef6B+ Sent28/May/15Pac man boulders
Safe As Housesf5 *Sent26/May/15Pac man boulders
Labf4 Sent26/May/15Pac man boulders
Libf4+ Sent26/May/15Pac man boulders
Conf6B Sent26/May/15Pac man boulders
Convenient Crackf5+ Sent13/May/15The Convenience Boulders
Scampf5 Sent13/May/15The Convenience Boulders
All Mod Consf6C Sent13/May/15The Convenience Boulders
Picture This.f4+ Sent13/May/15The Convenience Boulders
Alan Bennettf6A *Sent13/May/15The Convenience Boulders