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Climb nameGradeStylePartner(s)Date Crag name
The Ultimate Gritstone ExperienceV5 6b Sent dnf 02/Feb/13Curbar Edge
Gorilla WarfareV6 6b ***Sent dnfDave06/Nov/12Curbar Edge
Mark's Roof Left-HandV5 6b **Sent dnf 05/Nov/12Gardoms Edge
Mark's Roof OriginalV6 6b **Sent dnf 05/Nov/12Gardoms Edge
Steep TraverseV5 6b ***Sent xDave02/Nov/12Stanage Plantation
Steep TraverseV5 6b ***Sent dnf 29/Oct/12Stanage Plantation
Crozzle Arete Right-handV3 6a Sent rptRick Crosby21/Oct/12Stanage Plantation
Crozzle SlabV1 5b Sent rptRick Crosby21/Oct/12Stanage Plantation
Bull FlakesV4 Sent dnfRick Crosby21/Oct/12Stanage Plantation
Bullworkerf6B *Sent dnfRick Crosby21/Oct/12Stanage Plantation
Steep TraverseV5 6b ***Sent dnfRick Crosby21/Oct/12Stanage Plantation
Gorilla WarfareV6 6b ***Sent dnfDave09/Oct/12Curbar Edge
Gorilla WarfareV6 6b ***Sent dnfDave02/Oct/12Curbar Edge
Early DoorsV7 6b *Sent dnfDave02/Oct/12Curbar Edge
Gorilla WarfareV6 6b ***Sent dnfDave28/Sep/12Curbar Edge
Gorilla WarfareV6 6b ***Sent dnfDave07/Sep/12Curbar Edge
Gorilla WarfareV6 6b ***Sent dnfDave14/Aug/12Curbar Edge
Early DoorsV7 6b *Sent dnfDave14/Aug/12Curbar Edge
Gorilla WarfareV6 6b ***Sent dnfDave03/Aug/12Curbar Edge
The Weedkiller Traversef7A+ ***Sent dnfDave01/Aug/12Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Three Pocket WallV2 5c *Sent rptDave19/Jun/12Curbar Edge
Three Pocket WallV2 5c *Sent rptDave19/Jun/12Curbar Edge
Side Wall SlotV2 6a *Sent rptDave19/Jun/12Curbar Edge
TracksideV6 6b ***Sent dnfDave19/Jun/12Curbar Edge
Peg's Pathf6B Sent rptDave01/Jun/12Water-cum-Jolly
Middle Traversef6A+ *Sent rptDave01/Jun/12Water-cum-Jolly
High Traversef5+ Sent rptDave01/Jun/12Water-cum-Jolly
Razor Rooff6C *Sent dnf 26/May/12Cratcliffe Tor
Cave WallV3 *Sent dnf 26/May/12Cratcliffe Tor
Banana Fingerf6A **Sent dnfDave23/May/12Burbage North
Problem 21 - At Your Own Riskf6A **Sent 13/May/12Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 22f5+ Sent 13/May/12Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 26 - Shades Of Orionf5+ **Sent 13/May/12Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 28 - The undercut problemf6A **Sent 13/May/12Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 46 - Flight Attendantf6A+ Sent 13/May/12Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 65 - Pit Viperf6B Sent 13/May/12Holmfirth Cliff
The Nosef7A *Sent dnfDave, Rick Crosby08/May/12Burbage West
Too Hard for Mark Leachf6C *Sent dnfDave24/Apr/12Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
The Weedkiller Traversef7A+ ***Sent dnfDave24/Apr/12Raven Tor (Miller's Dale)
Three Pocket WallV2 5c *Sent rptDave16/Apr/12Curbar Edge
Track CrackV0 5a Sent rptDave16/Apr/12Curbar Edge
TracksideV6 6b ***Sent dnfDave16/Apr/12Curbar Edge
TracksideV6 6b ***Sent dnfRick Crosby15/Apr/12Curbar Edge
Gorilla WarfareV6 6b ***Sent dnfRick Crosby15/Apr/12Curbar Edge
Three Pocket WallV2 5c *Sent rptRick Crosby15/Apr/12Curbar Edge
Track CrackV0 5a Sent rptRick Crosby15/Apr/12Curbar Edge
Problem 21 - At Your Own Riskf6A **Sent xDave13/Apr/12Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 22f5+ Sent xDave13/Apr/12Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 26 - Shades Of Orionf5+ **Sent xDave13/Apr/12Holmfirth Cliff
Problem 28 - The undercut problemf6A **Sent xDave13/Apr/12Holmfirth Cliff
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