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Name Grade Style Date Crag name
The Milky Bar Kid 8a * Lead dog 22/May Brean Down
Prisoner of Bullworker 7c+ ** Lead RP 28/Apr Brean Down
El Chocco 7c *** Lead RP 17/Apr Brean Down
Prison Break 6c+ ** Lead O/S 15/Apr Brean Down
Bullworker 7c ** Lead RP 07/Apr Brean Down
Sidekick 7a * Lead RP 28/Oct/15 Cheddar Gorge South
Yup, Yup and Away 7b+ * Lead RP 25/Oct/15 Cheddar Gorge South
Retrobution 7b ** Lead RP 20/Oct/15 Trial Wall Area
The Hant 7a ** Lead RP 19/Oct/15 Trial Wall Area
Tribulations 7a * Lead RP 19/Oct/15 Trial Wall Area
Chicken Licken 6c+ Lead RP 18/Aug/15 Foxhole
Foxy Lady 7a ** Lead β 18/Aug/15 Foxhole
Foxy Chicken 7a+ ** Lead RP 18/Aug/15 Foxhole
Make Hay 7a ** Lead RP 17/Aug/15 Torbryan Quarry
Boogie on Threads 7a *** Lead β 17/Aug/15 Torbryan Quarry
Liquid Sky 7a+ Lead β 11/Aug/15 Cheddar Gorge North
Joyride 7a Lead β 11/Aug/15 Cheddar Gorge North
Vets' Wall 7b Lead RP 28/Jul/15 Brean Down
Casino Royale 7b+ Lead RP 06/Jul/15 Brean Down
Do you get Vouchers with This? 5c Lead O/S 28/Jun/15 Brean Down
The Guilt Edge 7c ** Lead RP 28/Jun/15 Brean Down
Tell It Like It Is 7b * Lead RP 25/Jun/15 Cheddar Gorge South
A Heavy Read 6b Lead O/S 07/Jun/15 Brean Down
Does Chuli have a Conscience 7a+ ** Lead β 31/May/15 Brean Down
Chuli Did It 7c *** Lead RP 31/May/15 Brean Down