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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Baboon Traverse There and Backf7B+ Sent β12/Aug/15Rocklands
Tremdelf6C+ Sent x12/Aug/15Rocklands
Desperadof8A Sent β09/Aug/15Rocklands
Stretched and Pressedf7C+ Sent x09/Aug/15Rocklands
Rambof7B+ Sent β09/Aug/15Rocklands
Pinch Me Baby One More Timef6B Sent β01/Aug/15Rocklands
Sunset Freakf7A Sent β01/Aug/15Rocklands
Freaking Heightsf6C Sent β01/Aug/15Rocklands
Cheeky Birdf6C Sent x01/Aug/15Rocklands
Snake Cavef7C *Sent β01/Aug/15Rocklands
A Question of Balancef7B **Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Basalf5 Sent β??/Aug/15Rocklands
Cedar Spinef7C ***Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Classicf5+ *Sent β??/Aug/15Rocklands
Creaking Heightsf6C+ ***Sent β??/Aug/15Rocklands
Do It, Do It Nowf4 Sent β??/Aug/15Rocklands
Hari's Highball Dayf4 Sent β??/Aug/15Rocklands
La Bowling Ballf7A Sent β??/Aug/15Rocklands
Last day in Paradisef7C Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Roadside Aretef5 Sent β??/Aug/15Rocklands
Roof is on Firef6C Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Stylingf5+ *Sent β??/Aug/15Rocklands
Sunset Aretef7C Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Sunset Traversef7A ***Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
The Rackf7B Sent β??/Aug/15Rocklands
The Rhinof7B+ Sent β??/Aug/15Rocklands
The secret to Olive's preserve cupboardf7B **Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
The Secret to Olive's Preserve Cupboard Directf7A Sent β??/Aug/15Rocklands
Une Rime Stupidef7C+ Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Up Topf7A Sent x??/Aug/15Rocklands
Vertigef6B+ **Sent β??/Aug/15Rocklands
Stretchy Perineum7b+ **Lead O/S22/Jul/15Chapel Head Scar
Prime Evil7c+ ***Lead RP22/Jul/15Chapel Head Scar
Unrighteous Doctors7c+ ***Lead β22/Jul/15Chapel Head Scar
Doctor Evil8a ***Lead RP19/Jul/15Chapel Head Scar
Surfing with the Alien8a *Lead RP19/Jul/15Chapel Head Scar
Tricky Pricky Ears7b **Lead O/S19/Jul/15Chapel Head Scar
South Aretef3 Sent18/Jul/15Clochoderick Stone
South Arete SSf6C **Sent18/Jul/15Clochoderick Stone
The Bulgef4+ Sent18/Jul/15Clochoderick Stone
East Aretef4+ *Sent18/Jul/15Clochoderick Stone
The Wallf3+ Sent18/Jul/15Clochoderick Stone
North Aretef4 Sent18/Jul/15Clochoderick Stone
North Traversef5 *Sent18/Jul/15Clochoderick Stone
West Aretef4+ Sent18/Jul/15Clochoderick Stone
The Crimpsf6A **Sent18/Jul/15Clochoderick Stone
East Wall Traversef6C **Sent18/Jul/15Clochoderick Stone
Clochodrick Traversef7A ***Sent18/Jul/15Clochoderick Stone
Mestugsof7B **Sent x15/Jul/15Dumbarton Rock
Mugsy Sit Startf7B **Sent x15/Jul/15Dumbarton Rock