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NameGradeStyleDate Crag name
Base Over ApexVS 4c -???/1983Burbage North
BaselessHVD *-???/1983Burbage North
Triangle Buttress AreteVD *-???/1983Burbage North
Triangle Buttress DirectS 4a *-???/1983Burbage North
Triangle Buttress Direct Startf5 -???/1983Burbage North
Triangle CrackHVD -???/1983Burbage North
Leaning WallS 4a -???/1983Burbage North
Leaning Wall DirectVS 5a *-???/1983Burbage North
Little White JugVS 5a *-???/1983Burbage North
Big Black 'unHVS 5a -???/1983Burbage North
SteptoeM -???/1983Burbage North
... and SonD -???/1983Burbage North
Triangle Buttress Low Level TraverseV3 6a -???/1983Burbage North
Monkey CrackV1 5c -???/1983Burbage North
Monkey CornerVD *-???/1983Burbage North
Banana AreteV2 5c -???/1983Burbage North
Banana Fingerf6A **-???/1983Burbage North
Monkey WallM -???/1983Burbage North
Monkey Wall DirectD -???/1983Burbage North
Monk OnHVS 5b -???/1983Burbage North
Ad InfinitumS 4a *-???/1983Burbage North
Little Brown ThugV5 6b -???/1983Burbage North
Wednesday ClimbHVS 5b *-???/1983Burbage North
Overhanging Buttress DirectS 4a **-???/1983Burbage North
Overhang Buttress VariationD -???/1983Burbage North
Overhanging Buttress AreteM *-???/1983Burbage North
Burgess FaceVS 4c -???/1983Burbage North
Burgess StreetD -???/1983Burbage North
Burgess ButtressM -???/1983Burbage North
All Quiet on the Eastern Frontf6A+ *-???/1983Burbage North
The BuskerVS 4c -???/1983Burbage North
Bracken AreteVS 4c -???/1983Burbage North
Bracken CrackS 4a -???/1983Burbage North
Green SlabVS 4c -???/1983Burbage North
PulcherrimeVS 4b *-???/1983Burbage North
Slanting CrackVD *-???/1983Burbage North
Slanting GullyM -???/1983Burbage North
Chockstone ClimbM -???/1983Burbage North
Mutiny CrackHS 4b ***-???/1983Burbage North
DetourHVD -???/1983Burbage North
Dead Tree CrackS -???/1983Burbage North
Side FaceHVD -???/1983Burbage North
Tiny Slab - Left AreteV0+ 5a *-???/1983Burbage North
Tiny Slab - LeftV1 5b *-???/1983Burbage North
All Star's GoalE1 6a *-???/1983Burbage North
Evening WallE1 5b *-???/1983Burbage North
Wall ChimneyS 4a -???/1983Burbage North
Wall CornerHVD 4a -???/1983Burbage North
Wall Corner The Direct FinishVS 4c *-???/1983Burbage North
Ash Tree AreteVS 4c -???/1983Burbage North